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HBC Helps on 911 Memorial Ride

Larry P Wasser | Published on 6/29/2023

911 Memorial Trail Event Report Tuesday, 6/27/2023 

Group aims to increase awareness of 911 National Memorial Trail


Special Ride Event : June 27th  with the 911 Memorial Trail Alliance Awareness Cyclists (Bruce and Vicki White, Alan Fritt, Linda McGrane , Fred Zelt, Morgan Jenkins , Katharyn Poplin, Glenn Goldberg and Dean Mondelblatt )

It was a very special day 6/27/2023 for HBC members Patty Baughman, Cindy Hogeman, John Humphries, Jill Bradley, Dick Norford, Lou Searles, Diane Kripas, Donie Kartorie, Karl Martz, Ben Nebroski, Leo Crone, Caren Crone, Phyllis Zitzer, Jack Withers, Dave Raup ( Dave joined the delegation after 6/28 and will finish the ride with them to Philadelphia) and me Diane Riley.  

Full Story and pictures are on their Facebook: 911MemorialTrail 

If you want to follow the 14-day ride, they started on June 21st  from Pittsburgh and will end in Philadelphia on July 3rd. Scroll to June 26 when they arrived in Harrisburg and Day #8 6/27 ( 3 parts ) and Day# 9 6/28 (2 parts). Lou Searles led the ride on 6/28 and will share the HBC participants in his report. That special ride had many memorable experiences as well. 

There were so many highlights on 6/27 … it is almost impossible to pick out a few. The morning ride on the river with Dick Norford and Dave Raup sharing historical stops to HACC, at the 911 memorial on the Public Safety campus. Director Randy Padfield speaking to us and the cadets  He was a first responder from Harrisburg deployed to New York City. Dodging the rain to the State Capital where we met Senator Devin Robinson and was recognized on the Senate floor. Roxy’s for a delicious lunch. So, many peoplet hank that help make this day so special for us and the 911 cycling delegates. Dr. Ski , Bob Stakem, Director Randy Padfield, all the HBC members who rode that day and their kindness to everyone. I was filled with joy. I highly suggest that you read the Facebook pages or check out what we posted on our HBC Facebook group page. If you do not follow us… join. There are many interesting stories, and it is another way to stay updated with HBC, the local biking community and more!

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911 Memorial Ride June 2023