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Volunteer for Chocolate Tour 2019

Larry P Wasser  | Published on 6/17/2019

The Chocolate Tour Needs Your Help


The Chocolate Tour organizers at Penn State Hershey are in need of volunteers for various jobs/days/times leading up to the event, such as photographers, rest stop attendees, help with set-up, transport and much more!  The Chocolate Tour partners with the HBC Three Creek Century as part of the Central PA Trifecta, and the organizers would love to have HBC members as volunteers, as well as particpants.


The 9th annual Chocolate Tour is being held on August 3, 2019!  It will again be at the Milton Hershey School Athletic Complex, but this year it will be at the ice rink, under the nice, cool pavilion. Proceeds from this tour support cancer research to find a cure.


Feel free to contact Teah directly or use the link below to sign up for your preferred time/location.


One area that they in need of people for is for rest stop attendees on MHS campus. There are 4 stops, preferably with 2 people per station. They are there from 7:30-11ish. They hand out water and chocolate, and keep the supplies stocked. If able, assist with the set/up and tear down of the area along with returning supplies to main hub when finished.


Help is also needed with:

Road marking 
Set up before the event during the week. 
Rest stop delivery

Rest stop workers on the Milton Hershey School campus 


Contact Teah for more information or to volunteer for jobs not included on the sign-up link. 

Teah Batdorf 

Phone: (717) 531-1541

Fax: (717) 531-0480