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Register via Eventbrite:
Event Brite

Register via Postal Mail:

If you prefer, you can also register by:printing this registration formand mailing along with your check to the address on the form.


Why should I register online?

When you register online with Everbrite, you receive the convenience of signing up, paying online instantly and confirming your registration and receiving additional customer service. Online registration will make registering fast, fun and easy, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail within a minute or so.  You can also forward information about the event to other participants.  Training tools are provided to help you reach your performance goals using an established training program or designing a program based on the event. There is no fee to use this service.

Can I register the day of the ride? 

Yes, the Registration area will be open beginning at 6:30 a.m. and will end at 1:00 p.m. If you wish to avoid the lines, we encourage you to pre-register. You can also save money by pre-registering. Online registration will be open through the day of the event, so it can be used at any time.

What do I do once I arrive for the Century?

All registrants should check in at the registration desk at the Penn Township Fire Department upon arrival. You will be given a wristband which will identify you as a paid participant and therefore eligible for all support services. Riders cycling on the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail can check in at the Firehouse or at the trailhead at 23 McFarland Street in Newville.

Who should contact if I need additional information?

For further information and details, please contact Marilyn Chastek at 717-798-4537.

Is the ride open to everyone?

Yes, this event is open to the general public, and all bicycle riders are welcome. All participants must wear helmets.

If I come alone, can I find someone else to ride with?

Cyclists at group events like these are normally a friendly bunch and welcome people to ride with them as long as they can keep the same pace. 

What are the earliest and latest times I can start the course and when will I have to be completed?

It is a “show and go” start. You may start as early as 7 a.m. You are free to ride at your own pace. Riders must enter the course by 8:00 a.m. for the full Century (100 miles), 9:30 a.m. for the 75 and 50 mile routes and 1:00 p.m. for the 25 mile Opossum Lake route and 2:00 p.m. for the Yellow Breeches Ramble. Cumberland Valley Rail Trail riders should begin their rides between 7:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Riders must be off the routes by 5:00 p.m.

Are there rest stops, and what are the times they are open?

Refreshments are available at the Penn Township Fire Department from 7:00 AM. until 5:00 PM. Hot dogs, soup, and any other hot items will be available at the Penn Township Fire Dept. from 10:30 AM. until 3:00 AM. The rest stop in Shippensubrg for the 50 mile Big Spring Meander route will be open from 8:30 AM. until 2:30 PM.  This rest stop also serves the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail.  The rest stop for the Yellow Breeches Ramble 25 mile route will be open from 8:30 AM. until 4:00 PM.  The rest stop on the Opossum Lake Loop will be open from 8:30 AM until 3:30 PM.  

What will it cost and what does that include?

The registration fee is $30 per rider if postmarked by August 15th,  $35 between August 16th and Sept. 6 and $40 after Sept. 6, 2020.  The registration is only $5.00 for those under 18, regardless of registration date.  Your registration fee includes food, support, cue sheets and maps. Each rider will be given a wrist band, which will entitle the rider to food, and SAG support.  

Will parking be available?

There will be plenty of free parking at the the Penn Twp. Fire Company.

Is the Ride “rain or shine”?

Yes!  Be prepared for rain, shine, warm, cold, tailwinds, fog and headwinds. Bring appropriate clothing for all types of weather.  The PA State Department of Transportation reminds you to be safe while cycling by wearing bright and/or reflective clothing. Head and tail lights are always a good idea, too. 

What will the weather be like?

Temperature can vary greatly in this area at this time of year.  The average temperature for the Carlisle area for late September is a high of 75 degrees, a low of 53, and an average of 64.

Do I have to ride the whole 100 miles, or is there a shorter ride(s) available?

The Three Creek Century consists of three rides (one 50 mile and two 25 mile loops) which loop back to the Penn Township Fire Department. That way you can choose the distance that suits you best. You can ride 25 miles, 50 miles, 75 miles or the full 100 mile century. There is also the option of riding the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail for 18 miles.

What are the routes like?

The Three Creek Century consists of a 50 mile loop and two 25 mile loops which all return you back to the start point.

Big Spring Meander (50 miles) – This pleasant ride earns its title by following the meandering paths of the Yellow Breeches, Big Spring, and the Conodoguinet Creeks.  It is mostly level riding through rural Cumberland County, but does contain some long gradual hills. The rest stops are at the Cumberland Valley Rail Trailhead in Newville, and Shippenburg Township Park. Rides will have the option to returning to the start point from Shippensburg by using the traditional route or by taking the South Mountain Challenge, which offers additional climbing up to Big Flat. If you are riding the entire Century, we recommend that you begin your day with the 50 mile route.

Opossum Lake Loop (29 miles) – This route takes you north and west of Carlisle and features some challenging climbs along with some level riding. A scenic overlook of Opossum Lake is included.  If you are riding the entire Century, we recommend that you ride this route second, after completing the Big Spring Meander. 

Yellow Breeches Ramble (25 miles) – This route features enjoyable riding over gentle terrain, although there are some gradual hills along the way.  A large portion of the route closely follows the winding path of the world-famous trout fishing stream, the Yellow Breeches Creek.  The rest stop in Mt. Holly will offer riders the opportunity to view the large mountain ridges to the south. This memorable route is a wonderful way to complete your 100 mile century ride. This route includes the option of climbing to the top of the mountain in Kings Gap State Park.  It is a gradual 3.5 mile climb up on a quiet, shady road to the top where there are restrooms and a terrific view of the Cumberland Valley from the historic mansion. The ride back down the hill is well worth the climb up.

Optional Kings Gap Climb (8 miles)  Kings Gap State Park is located about 1.5 miles form the firehouse so it can be added to any route.  It's a gradual 4 mile climb up where you can stop at the mansion's porch to get a great view of the Cumberland Valley. Even more fun is the 4 mile downhill on the return trip.  Bathrooms and water are available at the top of Kings Gap. 

Will there be bathrooms available?

Yes, there will be a sufficient number of porte-pots and bathrooms along the routes, at rest-stops, and at the start/finish area. There are also "unofficial" water and bathroom stops in parks along the way and at the top of Kings Gap.   

What are the safety rules?

We hope for a relatively injury-free ride.  In order to make our event both safe and enjoyable, we are asking that you consciously adhere to all Pennsylvania bicycle laws and our own rules.  To keep everyone happy and safe, please be considerate of our local traffic and stay to the right and allow vehicular traffic to pass.  Please obey all traffic laws, officers and ride marshals.  Wear your helmet at all times (no headsets) and be considerate of other riders and the motoring public.  Remember, the roads are not closed for this ride.

How do I prepare for a 100 mile ride?

Start with short rides over varying terrain 4-6 weeks before the ride begins and then gradually increase your distance and pace.

What if I can't finish the Ride?

If you cannot go on at any point in the Ride, one of the many support vehicles that will be cruising the routes can pick you up and take you back to the start or to the nearest rest stop.  Remember that we have rest stops on every route, so if you're feeling tired, take a rest, eat a snack, drink a sports drink, and start riding again when you feel refreshed. This is not a race, it's a ride, and each cyclist rides at his/her own pace.

What should my family/friends do In case of an emergency?

Most people carry cell phones with them an can be reached in an emergency. However, anyone needing to reach a cyclist who doesn't have a phone should call the emergency number that will be provided with the cue sheets.  Callers to this number will get a staff member, who will relay messages to cyclists. Your safety is our number one priority. For that reason, we strongly encourage all family members, friends, photographers, volunteers, and non-ride officials to stay off the cyclists’ route and use alternate routes instead. Pulling over, driving too fast or slow, or honking at cyclists can create severe safety hazards.

Will there be food available?

Yes, there will be plenty of nutritious food available at all the rest stops and at the start/finish area.

What will the support be on the Ride?

This ride will be fully supported.  The support will consist of:

  • Communications: Cell phones will be manned at all rest stops and in all support vehicles. Volunteers and staff will be monitoring the entire route and will be alert and aware of everything happening along the routes and are able to communicate at all times.
  • EMS: Emergency services are available from local municipalities along the route. Dial 911.  If you have any less urgent medical needs, go to the nearest rest stop or flag down one of the support vehicles.
  • Mechanics: Sponsoring bike shop mechanics will be available before and during the tour to assist with all repairs. They will be stationed at the Fire Department Complex, the Newville Trailhead and Shippenburg Township Park.
  • SAG Vehicles: Support And Gear vehicles patrol the route to provide assistance to riders who need a lift or have mechanical difficulties on the route. SAG’s do not stop to make repairs to bikes, but they will bring riders to the next rest stop offering repair services. Don’t be shy about taking advantage of them if you need them.

What should I bring on the Ride?

Make sure your bicycle is in good condition before you come on the Ride. If you don’t perform your own maintenance, visit your local bike shops for a safety inspection and have them service it for you if needed.  Many people ask what kind of bike to ride on the ride.  Professionals advise to ride whatever bicycle you are used to riding and be sure you have trained to pedal it for the duration of the route you choose. If you plan to ride a hybrid or mountain bike, professionals suggest that you get “slick” or inverted tread tires, as opposed to “knobby” tires. You will find them much easier to pedal because there is less rolling resistance.

For the ride:

  • Helmet—no helmet, no ride!
  • Water bottle
  • Rain gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Bike parts, spokes, etc.
  • Anti-chafing ointment, pain reliever (if needed)
  • A basic tool kit
  • Tire pump or CO2 cartridges
  • Spare tube and patch kit
  • If you have odd sized tires or tubes, bring an extra spare
  • Personal ID and medical insurance cards
  • Appropriate biking shoes
  • Cell phone, if you have one
  • Don't forget your bicycle!

DO NOT bring headphones — they are illegal to use while riding a bicycle and are not allowed on the Ride.

Follow the Three Creek Century on Facebook to get updates and get in contact with other riders. After the ride, we encourage you to post your Three creek photos.