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  • A $25 KEY DEPOSIT CHECK PER PERSON, payable to HBC – NO EXCEPTIONS. Your check will be returned or destroyed when you turn in your key at check out. HBC is charged $25 each for any lost keys.
  • Your bike - If you plan on visiting attractions while cycling, touring bikes and shoes you can walk in work out the best.
  • Helmet (required), spare tube, tire pump and necessary bike repair kits and tools.
  • A rack and pannier on your bike is helpful in carrying any wine or goodies you collect along the way.  (Bring bubble wrap or something similar to protect the wine bottles). 
  • Any cooking utensils, plates, flatware, cups, kitchen towel, paper towels, soap and any other equipment you may need for the kitchen (none are provided by the college), plus a wineglass and corkscrew. We remind you that the townhouses do not have microwaves, so plan accordingly. There is a Wegman’s grocery store nearby.
  • Snacks, including extra protein sources for breakfast for those who need it.
  • Bring trash bags for your garbage, especially if you expect to be cooking in the kitchen. Small wastebaskets and recycling containers are provided.
  • Hangers, if you plan to use the closet in your room.
  • Swim suit & beach towel, if desired. There is a water playground and beach in Seneca Lake State Park just outside of Geneva.
  • Personal care items, such as soap and hand sanitizer. The College provides bed linens (sheets, pillowcase and a light blanket), a pillow, and one bath towel and washcloth. You may want to bring another towel, washcloth, and an extra blanket if the evenings are expected to be cool. Bring your own hair dryer, as desired (none are provided).
  • Laundry detergent, if you plan to use the complimentary access to laundry facilities.
  • A folding chair is needed to enjoy hospitality social gatherings outside our Townhouses. You will be happy you brought one if you like to hang out around by the pond near our housing units (“pod”), for watching the boats on Seneca Lake, or for catching some sun out on the patio at your own Townhouse.
  • Bring any lawn games you want to share with others during social time!
  • A good map of the Finger Lakes area and a camera or SMART phone to capture your weekend adventures are recommended.  
  • Expect to have to transport or carry your luggage from your car to your townhouse. A folding will be available for shared use.

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What to Bring