Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 1:00 pm
West Shore Flex Ride. 24miles @ 12 mph

Marilyn Chastek (L), Peter, Vitins, Joanne Dobresnki, Mike McMullen, Karen Nibbelink, John Landis, Chris Ditlow, Ray Stone, Carol Bulger, Sharon Reilly, Ed Cashin (S).

We were all really looking forward to being on the bikes today with warmer weather finally moving in. It was the first ride of the season for several in the group, so I made certain that we stuck to the advertised maximum average pace of 12 mph and left no riders behind. Thanks to my e-bike, I was able to maintain that pace. I hope to build up my speed and endurance so I can lead the rides with my road bike in the future. Recovery from hip replacement takes a while, though. 

We started off the ride with 11 riders and Peter, Chris, Joanne and Sharon dropped off due to time constraints and other reasons. Only 7 finished the ride with me, but we were all glad to get out on the bikes. We took an easy route to Boiling Springs, but we decided to cut a few miles off the planned 27 mile ride at that point and head directly back to Pleasant View Park. I'm hoping Spring is really here!


Happy Pi day... it is 3.14 after all.