Monday, February 04, 2019 - 9:00 am
West Shore Flex Ride. 60miles @ 13 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Howard Davison, Dave Kurth, Keith Spangler

The day was forecasted to be unseasonably warm so a longer ride to New Oxford was merited.   Our start time temperature was 33 degrees, colder than forecasted but we knew that wasn’t going to last long, plus there was full sun.   Three of us left Joe Carr and stopped to pick up Howard at Ponderosa Park, the second start.  We rode through the Latimore Valley area and took Latimore Valley Rd. crossing over Rt. 15 all the way to Lake Meade.   We then turned a bit west and made our way to Oxford Rd., climbed two steep hills and stopped at the square in New Oxford for a break.   Dave graciously bought us all a warm beverage and a bakery item.  Keith got two giant gluten free raspberry lemon muffins, Dave opted for a banana nut muffin, Howard received a large slice of coffee cake and I had a raspberry white chocolate scone.  We enjoyed the quaint atmosphere of the Deja Brew Coffee and Bakery and each others company.   Before heading back we adjusted our clothing for the now much warmer temperature.  We made our way to Peepytown Rd. and made another stop at the Rutter’s in Hampton.  We headed back along the scenic backroads and my right shoe started making a very loud horrible squeaking noise so we stopped at the top of the hill on Braggtown Rd.  The view from there is fantastic.  As the guys took in the scene I put lip balm on my cleat which fixed the squeak and off we went enjoying a thrilling descent.  (Keith wanted all of us to old hands as we flew down the hill but we all wanted to survive to ride another day so we declined).  As we got close to Ponderosa Park, Howard broke off at Hickory Rd. to head back to the park and the rest of us continued north.  Since the rest of us all rode to Joe Carr, once we got to Rt. 74 and Locust Point Rd. we all split up going our separate ways.  By this time it was 2:30 PM and the temperature was now at 55 degrees.  That is a 22 degree difference!  That is just weird for February, but it was nice and made for a great WSF ride.