Wednesday, January 09, 2019 - 9:00 am
East Shore Flex Ride. 33miles @ 15.4 mph

Bob Gilliland Jr (L), Bob Gilliland

The “me, myself, and I” ride! I was the only foolish one to be at Sunset Park at 9:00am this morning for an ESF ride. With a starting temperature of 40º and not much chance of it climbing, mostly cloudy, and forecasted 15+ mph winds, can’t say I blame anyone for hitting the indoor trainer today instead of the road. This route is one to keep in the ESF toolbox for future rides! In fact, I could see a WSW/Cindy G type of ride where we can have multiple start locations for “flexible” ride lengths. Paxtang trail head of the CAG as start option 1 (or maybe Briarcrest Square), Sunset Park being 2nd start option for those wanting a shorter ride. Stay tuned.

Even though it was just me, I stuck to the planned route, however, moved the pace up. Knowing it was going to be slower on the return/north because of the head wind and debris on the Northwest Lancaster River Trail, the desire was to get the average up before reaching half way and heading north. Glad I did as the wind was noticeable and the legs were feeling it even on level or slightly downhill direction.

Being that this was an advertised HBC ride and I was representing the club and an ambassador of bicycling, I did need to modify the route slightly in the Elizabethtown area. Masonic Drive, south of Bainbridge St is not paved and connected to Maytown Rd. I could have pedaled on the dirt/stone “drive” up to Maytown Rd, however, there was a “No Trespassing” sign and a make shift barricade and I thought it best to go around to get up to Maytown. Added a little extra distance and few feet of elevation gain, and oh darn, needing to smell that chocolate being made as I went past the Dove plant. I managed! Other than that, and not stopping at Sheetz, the ride was as planned; Sunset Park to Elizabethtown to Maytown to Marietta to the Northwest Lancaster River Trail. Used the NLRT to Bainbridge, then 441 back to Sunset Park.

Even with the wind and temperature, it was a nice ride other than the sweep complaining about the leader and the leader complaining about the sweep!



Start/Stop Location:  Sunset Park, 2601 Sunset Dr, Middletown, PA 17057
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Weather at Start: 40 degrees, mostly cloudy, 12-15 MPH winds
Distance:  33 miles ***
Pace:  15.4, B pace (advertised as a C pace; increased because just a single rider) ***
Elevation Gain: 1,788’ (advertised @ 1,266') ***
Ride Leader: Bob Gilliland
Ride Link:

*** data from Garmin 520