Sunday, January 06, 2019 - 1:00 pm
First Sunday Greenbelt Ride. 20miles @ 10 mph

Richard Norford (L), Karen Wagner, Ken Rohnert, Al Brulo, Lori Brulo, Chris Wright, Scott Silverstein, Jeff Via, Jeff McPartland, Brian Martin, Peter Vitins, Bob Gilliand, Jean Dyszel, Pam Holzman, Hale Baker, Chris Ditlow, Hale Baker (S).

For mid January this turned out to be a beautiful ride, especially for those that enjoy 15 mph head winds.

16 riders departed from behind City Line Diner at 1:00 with a goal of all returning safely in time to get home catch the Eagles / Bears playoff game  

The Greenbelt has with the support of many government agencies including PenDOT, DCNR, DEP and especially the Dauphin County Commissioners made huge improvements to this Emerald Necklace connecting 5 East Shore Municipalities plus HACC Harrisburg campus.    As a director with CAGA this ride became in part an opportunity to share with riders the many recent improvements, those underway and future plans to expand the trail to Fort Hunter.  

The ride was enjoyable although two members elected to return after only a mile or so of wind.   We did encounter some tricky traffic at the Farm Show Building and as we rode through HACC.  The river is still higher than normal due to recent rains and the trail along Front Street was crowded with walkers and bikers enjoying this nice winter day.

One flat gave us an opportunity to catch our collective breath and enjoy some pleasant conversations.

There appeared to be many game by game Eagles' Fans along today; but lots of Nick Foles supporters.  Fly Eagles Fly.

Thanks go out to Hale Baker for his excellent as always job of sweeping.