Tuesday, December 04, 2018 - 1:00 pm
East Shore Flex Ride. 27.3miles @ 13.5 mph

Ken Frohnert (L), Chris Wright, Chris Wright (S).

Where were all you folks today?  Given the sunshine and fair temps I thought there would be a few more folks.

Chris and I left the parking lot at Boyd's and headed out just after 1PM.   As we turned right on Fishing Creek the sun was out and the wind was fairly light.   We headed out Manada Bottom, Rabbit and then headed back to Ridge on Manada Gap and then turned on Golf.   Took a break at the golf course.   Then headed back 443.    Heading back up to the parking lot you could feel the warm sun on your back - very nice.   Both Chris and I were glad to get a nice uneventful ride in.