The Harrisburg Bicycle Club sponsors a number of bicycling events throughout the year.  This year, for the fourth time, a trip to Williamsburg, Va was held on Oct. 25-28, 2018.

About 70 HBC members attended the event this year.  In addition, about 18 members extended their stay and cycled from Jamestown to Richmond (and back) over two days following the event.  They were joined on the Richmond ride by an equal number of Williamsburg Area Bicyclists members.

While the weather was not ideal (rather chilly and wet - especially Saturday), spirits were not dampened as most rides were still held as scheduled.  And judging by the food and drink that we consumed at the three hospitalities I think people made the best of it!  I'd like to thank the hospitality helpers - Tim & Cindy Hoehn, Phylis Zitzer, Susan Tussey, Carol Greening, Candace Jones and Bob Ritchey.   I'd also like to thank the ride leaders from the Williamsburg Area Bicyclists (WAB) who led rides on Saturday and Sunday, and Steve Reiss from WAB who assisted with leading folks from the Virginia Capital Trail to the hotel in Richmond and led the Murals tour Tuesday morning.

Rick Nevins, Event Coordinator

To see pictures from the event, click here.