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Volunteer for Three Creek Century 2019

Larry P Wasser  | Published on 6/17/2019


  1. Go to the new Harrisburg Bicycle Club website at
  2. If you are an HBC member log in to your account.If you are not an HBC member skip to step 3.
  3. Click on “Volunteer” in the black bar at the very top of the page.
  4. A list of Volunteer Opportunities will be displayed.These are the categories of volunteer roles.
    • A brief description of the volunteer slots within each category is shown
    • The number of open slots remaining is shown on the right side of each row
    • By clicking “view more” on the left side of the row you can see all volunteer slots as well as which are filled or available
    • Note that there are 2 pages of Volunteer Opportunities!
  5. To volunteer for a specific role and time slot, click on the green circle labelled “Volunteer Yourself”
  6. When the “I want to volunteer!” page comes up, confirm that your name is listed correctly (if you are an HBC member).If you are not an HBC member, please enter your first and last name.
  7. Select your phone number from the pull-down menu or manually enter the best phone number for HBC to contact you.
  8. Select your email address from the pull-down menu or manually enter the best email address for HBC to contact you.
  9. Find the time slot and role you want.To volunteer for that slot click the appropriate white box for that row, under the word “Register”.Please select only 1 white box unless you are signing up for multiple slots.
  10. Click the Next button
  11. A Summary page will appear with information confirming your volunteer role and time slot. Please confirm that the information is correct.
    • If you would like to add family members, other HBC members, or other non-members, click the appropriate button on the right.
  12. You must click the Finish button to save your volunteer selection.