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  1. Pierce County’s Foothills Trail featured in Rails to Trails Magazine

    The magazine published by the nonprofit Rails-to-Trails Conservancy features this month one of the most scenic rail-trails for bicycling in western Washington — the Foothills Trail in Pierce County.

    I know this because I wrote the article. You can read Destination Washington: Following the Foothills Trail at the link.

    The “destination” article is a regular …

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  2. Vertical bicycle hooks recalled

    If you bought a vertical bike hook from Home Depot to hang your bicycle in your garage, then you should remove your ride from it immediately.

    The US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall of 105,000 Husky Securelock Vertical Bike Hooks that are used in conjunction with the Husky Trackwall storage system. The items …

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  3. Big set back for connecting bike trails in King and Snohomish counties

    Negotiations to use a 12-mile stretch of the Eastside Rail Corridor to connect the towns of Woodinville and Snohomish by rail-trail have been put on hold.

    The breakdown in the talks between Snohomish County and the Port of Seattle dashes immediate hopes of expanding a regional rail-trail network that would enable bicyclists to ride from Seattle …

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  4. Two states add 3-foot bicycle-passing laws to the books: now it’s the law in 26 states

    The state legislatures in Wyoming and South Dakota passed laws this year that require motorists to give bicyclists at least three feet of space when passing. The governors have signed those laws and they’ll go into effect later in 2015.

    The success in those states will bring to 26 the number of states (and the District …

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  5. Another closure for bicyclists on Green River Trail in Kent

    A levee restoration project in Kent, WA, will keep a short section of the Green River Trail closed until June. There are at least two detours around the work that bicyclists can use.

    The closed trail section is between Russell Road in the north and Meeker Street in the south. Essentially that’s adjacent to the …

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