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  1. Mechanical “doping”, a new way to cheat in pro cycling

    Ever since the Lance Armstrong doping scandal revealed widespread use of performance enhancing drugs by competitive cyclists, I’ve pretty much ignored the bicycle racing universe at this blog.

    But here is a new way to cheat that no amount of blood tests can uncover. A Belgian cyclist at the cyclo-cross World Championships has been accused …

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  2. ‘Breaking Away’ star will appear at vintage bicycle show and ride

    Actor Dennis Christopher is returning to his role as a bicyclist to participate in the Eroica California vintage bike show and ride in April.

    Christopher, 57, played a young cyclist in the 1979 coming-of-age movie “Breaking Away”, in which he and a group of friends figure out their roles in life after high school.

    Known …

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  3. Across state bike tour takes a cue from Hollywood

    You gotta applaud any effort to make a cross-state bicycle tour more fun, interesting, and relevant than it could be on its own.

    So I’m tickled to learn that the theme for RASDak (Ride Across South Dakota) is the “Grit and Bear It Ride.” It commemorates the saga of local frontiersman Hugh Glass, whose escapades …

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  4. John Wayne Pioneer Trail supporters head to Olympia; seek more trail funding and end to permits

    Supporters of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail should probably thank the two state legislators who mounted a muddled attempt last year to give away one-third of the 253-mile-long rail-trail in eastern Washington to adjacent landowners.

    The ploy, spoiled by a simple typo in a state budget item, galvanized trail advocates into action after a series …

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  5. RAGBRAI bike route across Iowa announced for 2016

    If you’re considering to ride in the grand-daddy of all across-state bicycle tours — RAGBRAI — this summer, organizers announced this year’s route at the annual gala on Saturday night.

    The Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa is July 23 to July 30, so don’t worry, all the corn pone from this year’s primary …

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