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  1. Week-long Cycle Oregon among cancellations

    Check in with the organizers of your weekend bike ride in Washington, Oregon, and California before you head out the door.

    Thousands of acres of forests and grasslands are burning in those states, forcing closure of some major annual bicycling events, such as Cycle Oregon.

    The smoky, ash-filled air, like …

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  2. One of the common worries of bicycle travel involves pulling into a state campground late in the day and finding out that all the campsites are taken.

    The prospect of heading out on a dark road or stealth camping in the woods looms ahead.

    A policy update by the Washington State Parks assures this won’t …

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  3. The Giro d’Italia has ended and cycling teams are preparing for the Tour de France. But the race that inspires me is the Trans Am Bike Race — a 4,300-mile cross-country self-supported road race.

    On Saturday in Astoria, Oregon, 128 riders took off on the famous Trans America route charted by Adventure Cycling Association (3 …

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  4. Yesterday I wrote about bike trails that cross the path of the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. [Head to the bike trails to view this summer’s solar eclipse]

    Given the heavy traffic expected on rural roads that day, taking a flyer out on a bike trail may be the most hassle-free way to view …

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  5. Riding your bicycle out a bike path could be the best way to get to out-of-the-way viewing spots for this summer’s Total Solar Eclipse of 2017.

    The moon passes in front of the sun on Aug. 21, creating a dazzling corona that can be seen in a 70-mile wide swath across the US from Oregon to …

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