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  1. Access to mountain biking trail limited for 3 summers by road construction

    Good news: The long-awaited paving of the deteriorated Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Road into the remote valley east of North Bend will finally get underway in May.

    Bad news: It will be difficult — and at times impossible — for mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians to get out to the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trailhead for …

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  2. More cycle tracks and greenways in Seattleā€™s bicycling future

    Seattle is taking another stab at improving bicycling in the city in an updated Bicycle Master Plan that relies heavily on cycle tracks and greenways — two schemes not promoted in the original master plan approved in 2007.

    The idea is to entice potential bike riders who are not particularly interested in mixing it up …

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  3. Bridging the gap on Chehalis-Western Trail in Lacey

    When I stumbled across this scene on Sunday, I thought I had come upon one of the many road construction projects in Seattle.

    But no, I was in Lacey, a neighbor of Olympia. Asking around, I learned that this construction job is actually a bicycle-pedestrian bridge that will complete the final missing link in the …

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  4. Women-only bike rides gain popularity; 20 listed here

    Women’s bicycling is growing, there’s no doubt about that. Such advocacy organizations as the League of American Bicyclists and the Cascade Bicycle Club in Seattle are pushing to get more women involved in all aspects of riding — especially commuting and recreation.

    One aspect of that has been the growth of women-only bicycle rides.

    While …

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  5. Victory for bicycle projects in Missouri

    What is it about some Missouri politicians? They seem to think they can make political hay out of proposing laws that stick it to bicyclists.

    Four years ago it was some council members in St. Charles County who wanted to ban bicycling on some county roads. The issue lost support of the majority on council, …

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