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  1. One of the common worries of bicycle travel involves pulling into a state campground late in the day and finding out that all the campsites are taken.

    The prospect of heading out on a dark road or stealth camping in the woods looms ahead.

    A policy update by the Washington State Parks assures this won’t …

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  2. The Giro d’Italia has ended and cycling teams are preparing for the Tour de France. But the race that inspires me is the Trans Am Bike Race — a 4,300-mile cross-country self-supported road race.

    On Saturday in Astoria, Oregon, 128 riders took off on the famous Trans America route charted by Adventure Cycling Association (3 …

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  3. Yesterday I wrote about bike trails that cross the path of the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. [Head to the bike trails to view this summer’s solar eclipse]

    Given the heavy traffic expected on rural roads that day, taking a flyer out on a bike trail may be the most hassle-free way to view …

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  4. Riding your bicycle out a bike path could be the best way to get to out-of-the-way viewing spots for this summer’s Total Solar Eclipse of 2017.

    The moon passes in front of the sun on Aug. 21, creating a dazzling corona that can be seen in a 70-mile wide swath across the US from Oregon to …

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  5. Eastern Washington Republican legislators once again are throwing a monkey wrench into the state park’s department plans to improve the eastern half of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail between the Columbia River and Idaho border.

    The rail-trail stretches from North Bend to the Idaho border, and at 285 miles is one of the longest in the nation.

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