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  1. Trail lovers are mourning the death earlier this month of David Burwell, co-founder of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.

    He succumbed to complications of acute myeloid leukemia on Feb. 1, 31 years to the day that he and co-founder Peter Harnik launched the nonprofit. He was 69.

    Burwell and Harnik brought their idea of turning abandoned railroads into trails at …

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  2. A Kentucky senator is pushing a bill that requires motorists to give bicyclists a 3-foot gap when passing.

    Currently 30 states and the District of Columbia require at least a 3-foot measure of safety when passing bicyclists. Kentucky’s neighbor to the north, Ohio, became the 30th state to require the gap when Gov. John Kasich signed the …

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  3. Seattle is abandoning its Pronto! bike share system on March 31 after a sluggish 30-month run.

    Of the 1,175 bike share systems operating world-wide, Seattle could be the largest to end its service in modern history.

    Pronto! launched as a nonprofit concern in October 2014 with 500 bicycles stored at 50 locations. With the system running in …

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  4. A 7-year battle to make Ohio’s roads safer for bicyclists ended earlier this month when the legislature enacted a 3-foot passing bill.

    Gov. John Kasich signed the bill into law on Dec. 19. It goes into effect before the end of March 2017.

    The law makes Ohio the 30th state (and the District of Columbia) to require that …

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  5. A simple name change for a 47.5-mile trail in Missouri means the Katy Trail is now the longest rail-trail in the US. Washington’s John Wayne Pioneer Trail, which had been No. 1 for  several years, dropped to second place.

    The identity change happened last Saturday as Missouri Gov. Ray Nixon dedicated a new trail running east …

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