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I live in Lewisberry/Fairview Township with my husband Joel and our "tweenager" son Hunter. Joel and I have been married for 21 years (1990), and we had Hunter nine years later. Hunter is twelve now (going on twenty five) and is in 7th grade, it's probably too late to take him back, huh? We moved up here to Central PA at the end of 2009. Joel retired from the US Coast Guard after 21 years active duty and we relocated here for his "next career" working for the Defense Logistics Agency at the DDSP in New Cumberland. This is our 8th move since 1990 and we love this area and plan to grow old (or older!) right here. We have lived in some very different places over the years....New York City, Caribou Maine, Boulder City Nevada, Chesapeake Virginia, Las Cruces New Mexico, Tok Alaska, and finally Dothan Alabama, before moving up here to PA. If you asked me my favorite it would be NM, I loved the southwest desert and that is where my Hunter was born. My least favorite was the 18 months we were in Tok Alaska. Way too isolated and way too cold (it got to -70 one January day!). Just as I am new to the area, I am also pretty new (compared to pretty much ALL of you in the club!) to biking. Just two years new (Spring of 2010). I am a certified Spinning and ACE group fitness instructor. I have been teaching Spinning classes for 13 years and I currently teach one regular noon class at the East Shore Harrisburg YMCA, but also fill in at the West Shore YMCA when needed. Not sure what took me so long to get out regularly on a "real" bike but I say better late than never at all! From years of coaching classes inside to thousands of participants in all those locations we lived, I developed a good endurance base and had a solid knowledge of the biomechanics of pedaling. However, getting out on my road bike was a completely new learning experience. Bike handling, practicing shifting, clipping in and out without falling over every time! So much to learn...but I quickly hooked up with the bike club and joined in on group rides with some great people who are now my friends. Without the bike club, my Felt F65 would probably still be in my garage! My first year of riding in 2010 from March to December, I racked up close to 2100 miles, and did my first century that October at the Seagull. During the fall of 2010 I was on a group ride with Keith Spangler and Denny Kapp, who both happened to be wearing a neat red jersey that said 'Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer'. We began talking about the 6 day 500+ mile emotional ride they did in 2009 and how hard it was (lots of climbing, long days). I was intrigued and thought, maybe that's what I need to do for NEXT year, have a really challenging goal to push me and help me work on my climbing? Well, that it did. I rode and climbed, and rode and climbed. Even in the winter! Keith helped me train for the 2011 PPRAC ride and it was the BEST week (and hardest) I ever spent on my bike. This past year I put a few more miles on my bike than the first year, about 5000 more miles actually. See what a goal can do? I just wanted to have a goal that year so I wouldn't stop riding.Well that is not a problem anymore, I am in love with riding my bike now and you'll have to pry it from me. I now lead rides for the West Shore Weekends group and also the Old Spokes. I love creating an interesting route and it tickles me to find new roads and hills (I love the hills) to climb. As a member of HBC since 2010 I realize just how much this club helps out the community and this is the reason I volunteered to be more active as a Vice President. I also will be the event chairperson for the second running of the King's Gap Time Trial this coming September, another fantastic community outreach event from HBC. For several years I was a race director for Army triathlons, 10k/5k races, the Army 10 Miler run and various tournaments. So I hope to pull from that experience and deliver another successful King's Gap TT, just like the one in 2011. Ride strong, ride safe!