Fellow HBC cyclists,

As the HBC president I often receive calls from non-members about the club.  This afternoon I received a call which was quiet disturbing.   This gentleman lives in Boiling Springs.  He is very upset with groups of cyclists, especially on Thursday nights that come into the area riding 3 abreast, going the wrong way on Race St. (a one way street), not using hand signals, riding through stop signs and jumping the fence on Criswell Dr. to go through the Water Treatment Plant which is signed as no trespassing.   He was shaken by being in a near collision with a cyclist on Race St. precisely because the cyclist was going the wrong way.  This is not only affecting him but his neighbors also.  He called me as a concerned citizen.

For people who live on the west shore, (and I am sure the east shore has their particular areas) riding to Boiling Springs and stopping at Café 101 is a regular occurrence.   It is a very pleasant area to ride through and to stop at for a break.  It is up to ALL of us, not only in Boiling Springs but everywhere we ride to be courteous to ALL vehicles on the rode which we SHARE.  Cyclists like to comment about the rude motorists, and drivers not obeying the 4 foot rule as they pedal their way through a red traffic signal or stop sign.  Following the traffic laws are not just for motor vehicles, they are for cyclists, pedestrians, skate boarders and EVERYONE using the roadways which we share.  The traffic laws are there to keep everyone alive and safe by having general rules so we all know what to expect when we are out on the roadways.  Take off and race on a long straight away, have fun, enjoy your sport AND be courteous and respectful especially in neighborhoods and busy traffic areas and intersections.  It only takes one person being careless to affect the lives of many.  Don’t let that one person be you.

PLEASE set a good example for all and keep yourself and all those you ride with safe by following the laws. 

Please pass the word.