Saturday, February 09, 2019 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning Social Ride. 30miles @ 12 mph

Albert T Brulo (L), Lori Brulo, Bob Reynolds, Laurie Atherholt

Ride Name:          Fort Hunter Loop

Start Location:     East Hanover Community Park

Climb:                   1,250 ft.

Weather At Start:  22 degrees, mostly sunny, 10 mph NW wind

On a cold and blustery early February morning, Lori and I soon realized that we weren’t the only crazy bikers in town.  This “aha moment” came when Bob biked his way into the parking lot from home (at least we think it was Bob under all that winter gear….well, he did sign in as Bob) and when Laurie pulled up into the parking lot in her car.  We always knew that Rick had some sanity and that was confirmed when he cancelled the D+ ride.

Seriously, we had a good ride and it went pretty much as planned.  We headed west into the wind tip-toeing our way around Linglestown on our way to Fort Hunter.  The wind wasn’t too bad because it was mostly a cross-wind out of the N-NW.  We took a short break at Fort Hunter.  Then, we headed east back to the Community Park via SR 443 with a stiff wind at our back.  What a joy to have the wind at your back for the second half of the ride instead of the typical first half.

There were no issues on the ride.  Thanks goodness because if anyone got a flat, I think it would have been everyone for them self.  There was some ice lurking in the shadows of Route 443 between Appleby and Manada Bottom but we safely negotiated around it.

Bob, at least we think it was him, broke off at Manada Bottom Road for a more direct ride home.

There was no need for a sweep for 4 bikers.


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