Tuesday, February 05, 2019 - 10:00 am
East Shore Flex Ride. 30miles @ 13.2 mph

Howard Ross (L), Jeff Imbrognio, Bob Reynolds, Chris Ditlow

Wow!  Another beautiful day for a ride!  Four of us left from Gold's Gym for a planned Hershey lunch ride. The usual route via Sand Beach was changed due to wet conditions on Sand Beach; we rode into Linglestown, then along Blue Ridge and up to Rt. 22 to Oak Grove, Sterling, Clover and Green Hill out to Hershey Road. At the Giant Center, we followed the road to Chocolate World and Zoo America, ending on Chocolate Avenue, riding past Reese's and into Briarcrest.  (Our season Monday and Thursday evening start point) We had lunch at Woo-De-La before returning home via Union Deposit and Hershey Road, retracing our ride out. It was a great ride with great people!