Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 7:00 am
Other Special Rides Ride. 12miles @ 7.5 mph

John Donoughe (L), Martha Ruff Susan Tussey Patty/Bill Baughman Howard Ross Marilyn Chastek Joe Mushalko Loretta Charls Tom Pheasant Lois/Chris Ditlow Cheryl Capitani Dave Powell, Dick Norford (S).

The SMSACM was great today.  We ha a large number of riders than in the past. We basically did the historical tour of Cape May including all the neat places in Cape May, rode out to Sunset Beach to see the remains of the concrete ship and the WWII watch tower.  Then we toured West Cape May and the lighthouse.  It was a delight that we were able to get seated quickly at Bill's Pancake House.  We were all hungry.  This was a great way to officially conclude the 2018 Fall Tour.  Too bad we have to go back to the real world.