Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C+ Ride. 22.5miles @ 14.7 mph

David Raup (L), Charles Capuano, Ryan Steele, Chris Hawk, Marie Helweg-Larsen, Lorna Showers, Jamie Spangler, Justin Schetrompf, Chris Hawk, Don McCene- newcomer from Philiadelphia (visiting on business),


We welcomed a brand new rider, Don McCene from Philadelphia, visiting on business for The Commonwealth.  I presented him with a new rider group riding safety card obtained from the Ride Leader training.  Nine riders set out exactly on time on a pleasant, late-season evening. 


We took Fisher-Eppley-Sinclair, crossed Trindle, and rode out Mulberry past Pleasant View Park.  I was eager to try Mulberry on an outbound route, partly due to the bicycle lanes along there.  We crossed Trindle Spring Run in three different places, all on Mulberry. 

The bike lanes there have some very good qualities; however, they’re something of a mixed bag….  The lane goes along quite well for a while, and then disappears and reappears here and there.  I rode in the lane whenever there was one that was clear.  Not everybody did.  This road wasn’t very busy anyway, and, nobody complained about that outbound route, so I expect to repeat it some time.




With an eye towards arriving at the easternmost end of Texaco Road, we wound around quite a bit in a circuitous route.  We took Woods Drive to Hamlet Circle, meandering through the development and came out to Hogestown Road.  To minimize our traveling distance on Hogestown, where it intersected with Holly Lane we took a Left and quick right onto Locust Circle.  We worked our way though that neighborhood in an overall northwesterly direction until we emerged back onto Hogestown very close to the light at Texaco Road.


Texaco-Locust Point-Kost, crossed overtop of the Turnpike on Biddle, Ridge Drive.  Left onto Hickorytown Road and went past The Pheasant Field.  Crossed Trindle.  Hollenbaugh.


At Lisburn, Lorna suggested a short water break, which seemed a good idea.  Though at the intersection of Lisburn and Hollenbaugh, we stopped and sipped and due to the late announced and seemingly spontaneous water stop, our group was sort of overcrowding the road.  This wasn’t the best or safest form – fortunately no cars – and pretty promptly our group moved into a driveway of a seemingly vacant house across the way.  A much safer drinking posture….


With the sun setting, we headed eastward on Lisburn Road.  This was by far the fastest portion of the ride.  Lisburn can be busy.   Though I strongly prefer coming BACK on Lisburn to going westward on Lisburn, due to the fact that it’s later coming back and after “rush hour.”  But even then, Lisburn is often busy and I wanted to get off of there as quickly as feasible for both safety considerations and simply seeking more relaxed roads to ride.  We crossed Route 174, Boiling Springs Road.  As soon as we cut left off Lisburn to climb Brindle up to Eppley, I dialed it back a couple notches to an easier pace.  Though in retrospect, it may’ve pushed it too hard going eastward on Lisburn, because one rider fell far enough back that he missed the left turn onto Brindle and came back on Williams Grove Road, arrived at Friendship a few minutes after the bulk of the group.  If we could rewind and do a do-over on this ride, I’d like to change it so that this would’ve been prevented – ideally by both slowing the Lisburn pace a bit AND better application of the watch-for-the-rider-behind you  principle.


In the end we had about 22 miles at an average pace of 14.7 mph, according to my meter.


The Harrisburg Century is this Sunday.  Volunteers are still needed.  Consider helping if you can.