Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 8:30 am
Silver Spokes Email Ride Ride. 38.1miles @ 13.2 mph

Howard Davison (L), Howard Davison (lead), Peter Vitins (sweep), Ethel Nelson, Jeff Imbrognio, Bob Gilliland, Dave Powell, Bill Baughman, Patty Baughman, Cindy Gorski, Tom Pheasant, Garry Brinton, Mike Loomis, Ray Stone, Chris Ditlow, Marilyn Chastek, Bonnie Iorfido, Peter Vitins (S).


If you don’t like the weather forecast, find another one. The third forecast looked good, so we went riding. Fifteen of us left TJ Rockwell’s in cloudy, but dry weather and headed west through Boiling Springs and out to Alexander Spring Rd and back, stopping at Rockledge Drive Fields and at the Kmart on Walnut Bottom outside Carlisle on the way.  We picked up Bonnie in Boiling Springs and then she and Cindy dropped off at Kmart (pressing appointment). The weather was great for the first half of the ride, and there were only a few minor drizzles on the second half. We arrived at TJ’s in good spirits and only slightly damp. However, we all ordered warm soup!