Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C Ride. 7.5miles @ 12.9 mph

David Raup (L), Andrea Dadigan Ryan Steele , Dave Young (S).

With cloudy and damp weather, but no steady rain, not very many riders showed up for either the C ride or the C+ ride. 


There was some discussion of combining the C and C+ rides; however, this idea was nixed after we discussed specifics of the ride plans and cue sheet details.  To be specific, Mark and possibly Chris didn’t like that my cue sheet lacked mileage/elevation totals.  Chris was leading the C+ ride, and he announced the C+ ride was doing only 13 Miles this evening.


As we set out from the parking lot, Dave (our C level Ride Coordinator) suggested doing a “rain control ride,” - sticking extra close to base as a safeguard against bad weather conditions.  I agreed with that idea.  So?  Before we were even out of the parking lot, I’d abandoned my ride plan and stuffed my cue sheet into my rear jersey pocket.


Along W. Winding Hill Road, we discussed last week’s Ride Leader training that was developed and presented by Jeff Hoch, and how it evolved.  It was a worthwhile session, and I understand it’s offered a couple or three times per year.  (Next time you see one of these sessions announced, be sure to put it on your calendar).


We went twice around the bus depot at Mechanicsburg High School.  Then in the parking lot, the marching band was rehearsing inside an orange cone gridiron —to a beat someone was banging out on a metal pipe.  We reversed diverted our route towards Williams Grove Road a bit to avoid conflicting with them.


We took Taminini Way to Sinclair to Eppley.  (Actually, I’m pretty sure this street is named after a guy who was once my neighbor, Joe Taminini).  Just after we crossed the Pennsylvania Turnpike, it started raining lightly but steadily.  It seemed time to head back to the barn....



As we turned left onto Fisher Road before we passed the old Oak Grove Farm, Andrea dropped off, announcing she was riding home.   Her ride etiquette rates as Excellent, as it’s very good form to announce or communicate if you are departing an ongoing ride in favor of going off and doing your own thing....