Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Hershey C+ Ride. 34.4miles @ 15.2 mph

Jim Buckheit (L), Bob Lesher, John Mull, Vern Croxall, Alan Wolfgang, Paul Piergallini, Jeff Hoch, Betsy Thompson, Steve Remillard, Robert Martin , Mike Deiling (S).

A splendid summer evening drew a mob of cyclists to Briarcrest Square to take part in the weekly Thursday rides. The C+ group had 12 riders, a few less than usual, with several of the usual participants opting to ride like the wind on the B ride. The C+ group wound its way south out of Hershey onto Old Hershey Road, which we took all the way until just after the Conewago Rail Trail and before the hill that climbs into Elizabethtown. There we turned onto Beverly Road, pausing briefly to safely cross Route 743. We then headed north onto Koser and northeast on Mapledale, Gingrich and Colebrook Roads. Traffic was light as the group breezed its way towards Colebrook, where we took a break at the spring water booth on Mt. Wilson Road. From there we rode up the 260 feet climb over 1.8 miles on Mt. Pleasant before speeding down  nearly the same amount we climbed up down the other side over 1.3 miles. Gathering at Rt 322 we then followed the traditional HBC route back on Meadow, Louser and Brandt. Once in Campbelltown we proceeded north on Lingle Ave, turned west onto Rt 422 onto Derry Road, where we glided past the Hershey Country Club. Mike, Jeff and a few others broke off on Hersheypark Drive to head back while the balance of the group proceeded up Swatara Road, Kieffer Road, Sand Beach and Canal Road to take advantage of the remaining daylight before returning to Briarcrest Square. Many thanks to Mike for stepping up to serve as sweep. Here are the numbers: 34.4 miles  1,529 feet climbing   15.2 mph.