Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - 6:00 pm
East Shore Tuesday Ride. 22.5miles @ 13.3 mph

Chris Wright (L), Lori Brulo, Al Brulo, Howard Ross, Laurie Atherholt, Caroline Ensor

After a stormy afternoon the roads dried up enough for an East Shore Tuesday ride in hot & muggy conditions.  Caroline Ensor put in a good number of miles riding in from her home and joined 5 more of us as we departed Koons Park. 

Coming up Jonestown Rd toward East Hanover Twp building one of our riders got a flat so we all pulled off to assist.  The tire & wheel combo was a bit unique so it took the combined efforts of Howard, Al, and Laurie to get us back on our way after a fair bit of wrestling with the equipment.  At Shells Church Rd Caroline peeled off to head home and we continued on with the skies looking threatening to the East.  Al was right on top of the weather and suggested we turn back West sooner than planned, which turned out to be a great call. 

We truncated a couple of miles from the end point and cut through the Penn National parking lot, getting momentarily lost but exiting on Rt 443 West.  A quick stop at Manada Golf Course allowed for another weather check and Al Roker/Brulo again provided good advice for us to head out quickly.   Just before we hit Manada Gap Rd we felt a few drops so we ducked South and rode between the clouds for the rest of the evening.   With the accelerated pace while trying to outrun the rain we came in at a 13.3 mph average and a shortened ride but no drenching.