Monday, July 16, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Hershey C+ Ride. 31.1miles @ 14.4 mph

John Mull (L), Laurie Atherholt Marc Zimmerman Jarred Kulp Steve Campbell Thomas Sciabica Mark Riordan Jeff Hoch Dave Cutcliff Rod Bender Denny Mahaffey Jerry Urich Benay Mike Deiling Mike Sheehan Betsy Thompson Kevin Huddy Julie Groh Matt Fadoni Robert Martin Blake Eilers, Brandt Groh (S).

Hot, Humid mid-summer July Evening around 92 at start. A large group of 22 gathered for a standard C+ ride (Falmouth Loop) with climbs.  We had a few C class riders moving up for a challenge, and some B Class coming along since there was not a scheduled B ride.  Headed up Bull Frog Bike Path, an early climb, then out Hill Top Road to Colebrook Road.  Group stayed relatively together past winery and Elementary School to Rt 230. Crossed over on Middletown back roads to Hillsdale Rd. Road the entire Hillsdale for the big climb of the evening. We regrouped at this mid-point and headed back on Turnpike road (rollers) to Rt 441. Here the group started to split but everyone gathered again at the River Road entrance for the start of the ride through Middletown.  Once we got to the Swatty Road to Hershey, the fast group (6) got ahead and missed the turn at Stoney Creek Road.  Went through the development and then riders had a choice to climb Stoverdale for one last climb for the evening or head straight back Middletown Road to the bottom entrance of the bike path.  Ten (10) of us climbed Stoverdale and Sherwood with a nice downhill on the bike path finished on Med Center Drive back to the starting point.  The group that headed on Middletown Road had one rider taking a fall on the turn to the bike path.  Happy to report he is fine with some shoulder aches and will be back to ride very soon.  An Incident report will be filed

Ride Time  2:14 with elevation of 1860'