Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Camp Hill D Ride. 10.5miles @ 9 mph

Diana Bermingham (L), Mary Graci, Ed Cashin (S).

At last!  A break in the Washout Wednesdays!  On this beautiful evening we ventured forth to New Cumberland.  We started by crossing into Lemoyne at the Copper Ridge Apartments, along Indiana Ave past Fort Couch, took in the magnificent view of the Susquehanna.  Mary said if she won the lottery this is where she would like to live; Diana said she would be her neighbor.  Then down the backslope of the ridge, left on 3rd St which took us across Market, over the railroad bridge, then over the bridge over 83, and onto the tranquil neighborhood streets of New Cumberland.   Diana made a miscalculation in the route and we were on Bridge St a little too long.  But then we were in the glade of New Cumberland Park by the Yellow Breeches.  We took a spin through the park, took in Dana's former house, and exited to cross over Bridge St where we rode a parallel neighborhood street back to Camp Hill.  Diana rode through the 3rd/Market intersection in a way that was confusing and therefore dangerous.  We discussed what to do next time: stop before going through and make sure everyone is clear about the route.  We took a left on State St to get off busy Market.  Mary bid us farewell at Pennsylvania and Harvard; Ed and Diana went on to the Cornerstone to enjoy some refreshment.  A good time was had by all.