Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 6:01 pm
East Shore Tuesday Ride. 26.5miles @ 14.3 mph

Ken Frohnert (L), Howard Davidson, Laurie Atherholt, Karen Wagner,, Chris Wright (S).

Five experienced riders met at BBTP on a warm July evening, several having never ridden from BBTP.   We were averaging 13.2 when we took a quick water break at Sleepy Hollow Road.   Perhaps inspired by watching the Tour de France the riders suggested that I pick up the pace a bit, which I was very happy to do.   We rode around and came back Golf Rd stopping for a brief break at the golf course.   We then returned straight back to BBTP.   Everyone returned safely and feeling great on a lovely July evening.   Great route, great evening, great riders = A+ ride in my book.