Saturday, July 07, 2018 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning D+ Ride. 21.1miles @ 10.2 mph

Richard Radwanski (L), Diane Riley (leader), Diane Kripas, Jane Shade, Mary Graci, Ken Frohnert, Larry Riley (S).

Here is Diane Riley's ride report from tnis past Saturday's D Plus Ride.

After multiple days of record-breaking hot weather with temps in the 90s, it was a relief to wake to 65 degree temps for our Saturday morning ride. Dave Serff rode in to meet us and say hello. He had an engagement and could not do the ride, but offered us moral support before we headed out. We left at 9:00 AM from the Wildwood Park Benjamin Olewine Nature Center for a ride on the Greenbelt. We obviously weren’t the only ones who were taking advantage of the weather. We passed fellow bikers, walkers, and numerous dogs with their owners. Many people were taking the opportunity to photograph the area scenery. We saw a group of people doing ab work outs, which appeared to be some kind of boot camp. A lot of grunting going on in the process. The river was calm as we rode on the lower level and saw flocks of geese and their babies, getting larger after seeing them last week as little tiny gooslings. We crossed the Harvey Taylor bridge, circling underneath the far side, with beautiful views of the capital. This was a first time experience for two of our riders. Diane rode to the ride from home and Ken started his ride from Fort Hunter,  both grabbing some extra ride miles for the morning. Thanks to Larry for supplying the frosty recovery chocolate milk post-ride, performing sweep duties, and the Industrial Rd. Deer picture below. Rick was missed… we look forward to having him back as our leader with lots more rides planned. Have a wonderful week!.....looking forward to seeing you all again .