Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning Social Ride. 30.2miles @ 12.2 mph

Larry Riley (L), Leta Beam, Lori Brulo, Al Brulo, Bob McKee, Matt McFadden, Dick "Mr. Wonderful" Norford, Bill Pickering Chris Wright , Jim Buckheit (S).


There were three rides from Memorial Lake all starting at the same time and location on this cool, cloudy Saturday morning.  The starting temperature was in the low 50's, but the sun never made an appearance and it never got any warmer than the high 50's.

In addition to the regular C Ride, Rick Radwanski led a D Plus and Paul Piergallini led a C Plus.  After brief discussions in the parking lot, the three rides set out at different speeds on individual adventures.  This report covers the C Ride...Rick and Paul will report their rides separately.

We welcomed Bob McKee who joined our group for the first time and welcomed back Matt McFadden who we haven't seen since last fall.  A mile or so into the ride, we encountered light rain drops, but it stopped in a few minutes before any got wet.  The remaining ride was cloudy and gray, but dry.  We travelled thru Ono, Jonestown and Fredericksburg meeting up with the C Plus group for our first break at the Matthew's Public Library in Fredericksburg.

After leaving Fredericksburg, we took mostly country roads passing by many acres of bright yellow fields.  No one could identify the gold colored plants, but everyone agreed about their beauty.  We then took our second break at the canoe launch in Swatara State Park.  Although the roads were relatively dry for the entire ride, we encountered about one half mile of very wet, muddy road near a construction site on Bordnersville Road where everyone and their bikes got muddy.  Sorry folks, I drove the route yesterday to ensure familiarity and there was no mud at all, and if there had been, would certainly have rerouted things.

We passed that little restaurant on Route 72 with the sign saying "Home of the 10 cent Cup of Coffee" and have always wondered it is just a very old sign, or if they really do have 10 cent coffee.  If so, do you think Starbuck's would offer price matching?

The ride was a little hilly with my Garmin recording we climbed 1854 feet, but none of the hills were monsters.  We returned to the parking lot at 11:55 am where several riders stayed for an in-depth conversation about various ideas and ride related matters, or as Chris stated, maybe we were just delaying having to go home and wash our bikes.

Refer to the below link for our exact route and ride data:

Thanks to Jim for another "all star" job sweeping!

Hope to see everyone next week.