Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning Social Ride. 24.2miles @ 12.2 mph

Larry Riley (L), Hale Baker, Lori Brulo, Ken Frohnert, Susan Tussey, Chris Wright (CS), Al Brulo (CS)

At daybreak this morning, while outside checking the weather for today's ride, a feral black cat crossed my path.  I'm not superstitious or anything, but I did knock on wood twice to cancel out the black cat and it apparently worked as we had a safe incident free ride.

Seven riders met at Fort Hunter, undaunted by the 32 degree temperature, gray overcast sky and damp conditions.  Everyone was okay with the temperature considering it's early February and a lot warmer than the 18 degree ride that Al led last week.  Lori provided the group with some delicious nut/fruit snacks and we were underway precisely at 9:00 am.  We took Front Street south along the beautiful Susquehanna River which is now free of ice jams and flowing normally.  A new addition to the riverscape is an old wooden caboose sitting on a very short section of railroad tracks near the Rockville Railroad Bridge.  A nostalgic reminder of earlier times!

We then headed east on Linglestown Road stopping momentarily at Koon's Park where the restrooms are now apparently closed for the winter.  We travelled Blue Ridge Road to Piketown Road, passed Central Dauphin High School, and then made the long, challenging climb up Piketown Hill.  I was told Ken and Hale were the first ones to the top, but I was too far back to see it.  Everyone made it to the top without too much difficulty and we took our first real break at the firehall across from Mt. Laurel Church.  See photo taken by Lori.

Susan then led the group down two delightful descents on Sleepy Hollow and Pine Tree Roads to Route 443 where we headed west, pleased not to have the head winds frequently encountered in that direction.  We arrived back at Fort Hunter just before 11:30 with the temperature at 37 degrees.  There were no problems of any kind despite the earlier encounter with the black cat. :-)  We then enjoyed our traditional post ride chocolate milk while discussing the logistics of our next ride.  After a difficult winter season in late December and early January, we have now ridden four Saturdays in a row and are on a roll toward the arrival of spring.  

Thanks to Al and Chris for the superb joint sweep duties.

Refer to the following link for actual route and ride data:

Happy Valentine's Day!