Friday, February 09, 2018 - 1:00 pm
East Shore Flex Ride. 26miles @ 11.9 mph

Chris Wright (L), Lori Brulo, Lori Brulo (S).


Today's ride report, presented in the format of post-Super Bowl press conference

Q: How did it feel to be a part of East Shore Flex LII?

Well we weren’t sure what the LII designation actually stood for, but at 1:00 p.m. we realized that it must mean “Lonely 2”…it was only Chris Wright and Lori Brulo on the ride.

Q: You were underdogs all along because you were missing some of your big name leaders.  How did you manage without them?

Sometimes you just have to roll with whoever shows up.  Today we learned that Lori is really our MVP (Most Valuable Pedaler).  Just talking to her about the incredible amount of volunteer work she does was very inspiring.


Q: Old man Belichek Winter is a formidable foe with a lot of experience; what did you do to overcome that?

Yeah, he’s a cranky old bastard but we knew that going in. We just dressed for the occasion and stayed positive.  In the end, we outsmarted him and he wasn’t a factor.

Q: What about that surprise audible just before the halfway break?  Wasn’t that a risky call?

Listen, we’ve been aggressive all year and we weren’t going to stop now.  So what if we had to walk the bikes over 50 feet of sheer ice at Memorial Lake.  We weighed the risk & reward and in the end got to pet a nice dog that was nearby.  Sometimes you have to roll the dice.

Q: Things got pretty interesting around the 2 mile warning.  Were you wishing it was all over?

The last 2 miles always feels uphill and seems to take forever.  That’s especially true when it really is uphill.   Gotta work on that. 

Q: A lot of people doubted you; what do you have to same to them now?

On your left


Q: Do you ever think about how far you've come?

It's felt like a marathon but it was actually only 26 miles :)   We've climbed a 1050 ft mountain and no one fell on their butt. That's a win.


Q: It’s been a long season, I’ll bet you’re looking forward to some time off to enjoy the title of “Champions of East Shore Flex Rides Where Only 2 People Show Up”.

Yep, we’ve worked hard and are looking forward to some down time, but we’ll be ready to strap on the gear again next season, which apparently starts at 9am Saturday morning.