Sunday, January 07, 2018 - 12:00 pm
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 32miles @ 12 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Dave Kurth, Keith Spangler

Another great day for a winter ride.  The temperature ranged from 15 to 19 degrees but the sunny skies and low winds were the key to our enjoyment.  The regular winter riders Dave and Keith rode in and we kept the route simple.  Just to be outside and in the sunshine riding was really all that was needed.  We headed out to Mt. Holly Springs on salt brine dusted white roads.  Every time a car passed by a great white salt cloud entered the air.  We rode along Leidigh Rd. and decided to climb Gutshall and later Red Tank roads apprehensive about their condition because they are in the shade.  There was a bit of packed snow and slush here and there but we were able to ride around those patches easily.  Surprisingly the downhill sections were relatively clean.  We stopped at Sheetz for a very quick break and spoke about the cold with an employee who was changing the garbage bags in the trash cans outside.   She had three coats on to keep warm.   We rode through Mt. Holly Springs Cemetery pointing out the rock slab grave markers to Keith.  While on Hollenbaugh Rd. we all commented how it is one of our favorites, reminding us of a simple time gone by.  Our last few miles took us on Rt. 641 and Keith dropped off by Hickory Rd. to take the back way home and Dave continued along Rt. 641 to head straight home.  I followed Dave until Simmons Rd. and then headed home myself.  It was another cold but great WSW ride!