Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 7:00 am
Other Special Rides Ride. 58.9miles @ 12 mph

John Donoughe (L), Patty/Bill Baughman Karen Niebelink Joan/Jay Thome

Fall Tour to Cape May - Newark,DE to Dover, DE
58.9 +/- miles

We had a nice surprise today.  A new, paved, bike trail along the canal was discovered by Ken Schilling previous to the tour. 
His directions allowed up to use it from just west of Summit Point Marina all the way to Delaware City near the start of the Reedy Point Bridge.  Thanks Ken! For the second year in a row, John experienced a flat about 5 miles past Port Penn. The 10-minute repair was welcomed by the rest of the pack. As crew support, Steve was great to pick up our lunch at an out-of-the way restaurant.  Then we had a picnic along DE9 near Taylors Bridge at a 'nice' pull over.  A bald eagle kept watch over us as we ate. 
Maybe the eagle was really looking at the big black snake climbing a tree.  Steve had a hissy fit with the snake in the tree!  We rode directly to our POI, the Old State Capitol.  After that nice tour we really looked forward to arriving at the Home2 Suites in Dover.