Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 8:30 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 78miles @ 13.6 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Chris Seier, Dave Kurth, Howard Ross, Felix Thau, Howard Davison, Keith Douglas, Kelly Szymczyk

Today’s ride was our traditional celebration of fall.   Seven of us meet at Joe Carr in crisp fall conditions.  The sky was clear and sunny, the temperature was 45 degrees and the winds were low – wow!  l had my thermos filled with warm pumpkin spice tea and had my beloved fall season Pumpkin Pop Tart so I was set.  We took off and picked up Kelly at the second start in Mt. Holly.  We rode up Rt. 34 to Pine Grove and took the scenic route around the back of Laurel Lake to the park.  It was beautiful!  There were some colors peaking out and the trail was covered with orange, yellow and brown leaves.  Once we entered the park we took our time and enjoyed the Fall Festival happening there.  I read the legend of the Hairy Hands to the group.  This story will be read at the festival and I didn’t want anyone to miss it because of our ride!   We walked our bikes through the vendors and most everyone bought some sort of fall goodie which they enjoyed relaxing at a picnic table.  I wandered around a bit more to see what else was offered for sale.  We took off again and cautiously enjoyed the descent (watching out for those Hairy Hands) to Route 30 and took a break at the Rutter’s in Fayetteville.  Things were warming up nicely; in fact it was now more like a pleasant summer day.  The sun was shining brightly and making it quite warm so we adjusted our clothing stuffing our jackets and gloves in back pockets and handlebar bags.  The rest of the ride back was one beautiful scene after another.  As we traveled along Furnace Hollow Rd. Dave Kurth said NO, and that was followed by Howard R. repeating NO.  I didn’t even say anything but for some reason they thought I was going to try and coerce everyone in climbing Horse Killer Rd.  Well that was out so we headed up Mountainview Rd instead.  We stopped at the hatchery for one last break but it was closed due to remodeling so we took a detour to the porta potty in the first parking lot going up to Kings Gap.  Felix was supposedly feeling the mileage and the climbing today but on our last hill in Boiling Springs he took the lead and pulled everyone up and then raced to the finish.  I just love fall and this is one of those favorite rides that welcome the season in - it was a fantastic WSW fall ride!