Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 6:01 pm
Hershey C Ride. 23.58miles @ 12.9 mph

Felix Thau (L), Howard Ross; Joanne Martin; Hale Baker; Karen Wagner; Ken Frohnert; Michael Sheehan; Ann Ouyang; Christina Truica; Matt McFadden, Caroline Ensor (S).

Ah what a difference a smaller group makes for ride coordination. Our Sweep, thank you Caroline, enjoyed a very uneventful ride, the very best kind. She earned a brand spanking new whistle.  The first five miles or so was marked with two directional errors, the fault for which we must place at the feet of the Leader. Nevertheless, we climbed nearly 1,500 feet in a ride that got us back within two hours, before sunset. We did stop at the top of the more severe hills to take a quick breath. Of course, any climb is generally rewarded with some fast and furious downhills; feeling the wind in your face was so refreshing. Christina celebrated her birthday with us. Howard Ross returned to the Hershey C ; he was in fine fettle, although I doubt whether he knows what "fettle" means as I surely do not. Ken, whom I have renamed the Inquisitor, was simply full of..........questions, some of which addled and are still addling my brain, if not my tired ears. There once was a guy from Perry; who seems always playful and merry; when the ride was in gear; Ken showed us no fear; his humor we'd all love to bury. Christina, your birthday has passed; one more year you have amassed; rest easy my dear; though the future's unclear; we trust it will be a blast.  Ensor's a quality Sweep; for the task she aint no darn sheep;  her voice can be heard; while her wrath dare not stirred; and her lingo sometimes we must bleep.