Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 6:00 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C+ Ride. 32.8miles @ 15.6 mph

Mark Dolheimer (L), Teresa Bender, Jeff Kilcoin, Rod Bender, Loren Gifford, Wayde Leister, Rich Bohn, Rudy Rod, Ron Malcom, Luke Hershey, Ray Stone, John Landis, Howard Carey, Dave Raup, Justin Schetrompf (S).


It was a nice cool evening for a ride, and due to the ever-shrinking evening sunset ride time, the leader planned to squeeze in one last evening ride to Mount Holly Springs this season which would max out the C+ pace on a problem free ride. No such ride when Rich got a flat at about 2.5 miles on Eppley. Kevin Mullen stopped to help before catching up with the B group and Wayde graciously stepped in to lead a secondary part of this group along with Howard and Rudy once Rich had his flat changed, allowing the main group to resume riding sooner. Riders were full of energy with great weather and fast terrain, and Luke off the front had ventured toward White Rock before realizing we were going forward on Leidigh to Mountain Road, but he caught back up quickly. After riding through Mt. Holly Springs, the group accelerated for the ride back, seeing the sunset on Speedway Drive, and catching Wayde's group on Williams Grove Rd, unfortunately without Rich who was getting sagged after a third flat. We hope to see more of you on the next ride, Rich!