Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 8:30 am
Perry County Email Ride Ride. 59.9miles @ 13.4 mph

Keith Douglass (L), Josh Vanderhoof

It was a beautiful day for Perry County Covered Bridge Ride #2.  Josh spotted a Kestrel as we headed west from Little Buffalo State Park.  Good luck charm or omen??  We visited Waggoner, Rice and Dellville bridges.  Keith struggled with nearly 4000' of elevation change, mostly on the second half of the ride.  Need some more miles and less flab around the belly!  Nonetheless, it was a successful ride; everyone completed the ride safely and Josh was introduced to some new roads.

So far, we have visited 6 of the 14 covered bridges in Perry County.  Stay tuned for Perry County Bridge Ride #3, targeted for Saturday July 29!!