Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 8:30 am
Saturday Morning C Ride. 28miles @ 12.5 mph

Albert T Brulo (L), Lori Brulo, Tom Pheasant, Chris Wright, Hale Baker, John Mull, Laura & Dave Erb, Jeff Imbrognio, Joanne Martin, Kathy & Mike Kirkham, Howard Ross, Todd & Steven Schankweiler, Rod Murray, Larry Riley, Cristina Truica, Ken Frohnert, Lauri Atherholt, Ed Cashin (S).

Ride Name:          Lake Strause

Start Location:      Memorial Lake

Climb:                  1,470 ft.

Weather At Start:   72 degrees, cloudy, 6 mph ESE wind

According to Larry, this ride set a new record with 21 bikers!  Yeah!  Glad to see so many riders out there on a Saturday morning.

Well, we just can’t seem to shake the threat of rain and/or wet roads this Spring.  We left Memorial Lake under cloudy skies and dry roads but the roads became wetter as we headed further east toward Lake Strause.  While we only had a light mist for a short time near Lake Strause, we did need to endure this Spring’s ever-present road spray for about 10 miles before the roads dried off again.

Everyone did an excellent climb up the hill (more like a small mountain) along Camp Strauss Road.  Yes, it is spelled different than the lake…at least on Ride With GPS.  When we stopped at the top, our newest rider found out he’s a true biker when he unclipped right but leaned left.  Don’t worry, we’ve all done it too...and some of us more than once.  Welcome.

On the ride back, Todd developed a flat.  All the guys on the ride did a fantastic job helping him as we all stood around watching.  Todd handled the added pressure with grace and skill. 

Thanks to Ed for doing a great job sweeping twice in a row.



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