Friday, May 19, 2017 - 6:15 pm
Friday Night Social Ride. 12miles @ 10 mph

Marilyn Chastek (L), Marisol Barrios, Dave Powell, Cheryl Capitani, Rodney Rodgers, Kelly and Dave Dygert, Bill and Alice Graham, Lori and Al Brulo, Karen Wagner, Mary McClain, Jill Bradley, Diana Bermingham, Dave Raup, Bridget Zolman, Jim Carlson, Jeff Goss, Dean Giger, Dona Finn, Christina Truica, Barb Weikle, Alan Wolfgang, Amanda Harrison, Vaughn, Dave Young (S).

What a nice night for a scenic ride through several of the Harrisburg neighborhoods. We rode around City Island, visited Shipoke, went to historic Uptown and Italian Lake. We stopped to look at the Capitol and there was a group of Asian tourists snapping pictures of the impressive building. They quickly turned their cameras on us instead and even offered us bandaids when one of our riders took a spill. I guess a group of 27 riders was quite a sight, because we wound up being captured in many other photos as we rode along Riverfront Park. After the ride, we returned to the parking lot of the Underground Bike Shop where owner Ian Morrison gave us permission to set up tables in the shop's parking lot. From there, riders picked up dinner from the 3rd in the Burg Food Truck Feast and other local restaurants and brought it back for the FNS tailgate party. 

We had a couple impromptu riders: Rodney, who decided to join us for the ride when he found us getting ready in the parking lot, and Vaughn, who joined in somewhere around City Island. A few other people we came across asked about HBC and I hope they'll join us for a future ride.