Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 6:01 pm
Hershey C Ride. 22.3miles @ 9.5 mph

John Donoughe (L), Lori Brulo Felix Thau Cathy/Make Kirkham Karen Wagner Ann Mahalik Barb Weikle Caroline Ensot Howard Ross, Bill Graham (S).

It was probably too warm a night for the leader to do his Back-To-School-Special ride starting up Bull Frog Valley Road.  The number of hills and the high temperature made for some tired riders at the end of the night.  Even the leader was feeling the effects too.  A few extra breaks were taken because of conditions.  Given those conditions, the group did pretty good.  We were lucky that there were a whole bunch of little thunderstorms popping up in the general area, but none bothered us.