Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 12:00 pm
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 33miles @ 13.2 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Howard Davison, Anthony Zullo, Dave Kurth, Gary Ranck, Mark Dolheimer, Chris Wright, Maggie Emery, Chris Shelly

Nine of us met on this last day of winter to ride and say farewell to the season.  The early morning started with beautiful snow clinging to everything.  Winter was desperately trying to hang in there just a bit longer, but ahh, farewell my dear winter.  A few hours later and the snow only remained on the grassy areas and the fields.  By ride time the roads were mainly dry, the sun was shining and spring was peeking in melting what snow remained.  Anthony just made it back from Cincinnati to ride with us and we welcomed Chris Wright, an HBC new member who was joining us for the first time.  We took off and at 1½ miles into the ride Chris Shelly realized he had no helmet on his head.  Winter riding does that – you are all bundled up with hats, ear bands, balaclavas and you think you have your helmet on and no one notices you don’t!  So Chris informed me he needed to ride back to his car to get it.  I decided not to wait for him because this is Chris Shelly!  Fast Chris Shelly!  I knew he liked speed and would catch up with us, probably before we made our first turn.  I gave Chris my cue sheet and off we went in opposite directions.  4.7 miles later right before our first turn Chris caught up (Chris had traveled 6.7 miles), yep, Chris is fast.  We continued riding along on rolling terrain and beside sparkling cold creeks with great views of the snow spotted mountains in the distance.  At least we got a few rides in with snow this winter.  We stopped at a Sheetz for a break and commented on how great the day turned out to be and how warm it was.  Heading back Maggie dropped off at Trindle Rd. and Dave and Anthony broke with us at Eppley Rd.  The rest of us headed south a bit more which had us travel a mile north into the headwind to get back to Joe Carr.  What a difference a headwind makes.  Still it was a great WSW ride, but alas, a sad day when winter bids goodbye.