Wednesday, March 08, 2017 - 10:00 am
Silver Spokes Email Ride Ride. 26miles @ 11.5 mph

William Graham (L), Bill Graham (L), Karen Nibbelink (S), Alice Graham, Howard Ross, Richard Green, Bill Pickering, Rod Murray, Joe Mushalko, Mike Prestosh, Marilyn Chastek, Peter Vitins, Patty Baughman, Gary Smith, Jim Buckheit and Howard Davison., Karen Nibbelink (S).

It was a warm and breezy day for a ride.  Powered by a tailwind, we headed east from Hershey to country roads north of Palmyra. A bald eagle flew over us near the nest on Pine Road. Made the turn back west into a headwind- whoa!  The wind added to the effort climbing Palmyra Bellegrove Road.  We made a rest stop in Palmyra, then took residential streets and a bike path back into Briarcrest Square.  All in all, we earned our lunch at Sorrentos.  Thank you, Karen, for sweeping.