Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 11:00 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 41miles @ 12.8 mph

Jim Thomas (L), Cynthia Gorski, Howard Davison, Anthony Zullo, Dave Kurth, Lou Searles, Keith Spangler, Gary Ranck, Maggie Emery, Chris Seier, Keith Douglas, Ellen Thomas (S).

Today we had a Special WSW ride in and around the Gettysburg Battlefield on an amazingly warm February day. We rode under beautiful blue skies with temps in the 60s. Several wore riding shorts. There was a stiff wind, but it was nicely at our backs at times. We had two members (Chris Seier & Keith Douglas) come out with for their first ride of the 2017 season!  Both enjoyed the ride and easily conquered the hills. Howard Davison survived the ride, his first with new clips!  Eleven of us gathered at OaksidePark in Biglerville. Many rode in to our start, a few from as far away as Mt. Holly Springs. We picked up Keith Douglas at a second start location in Gettysburg.  The first half of the ride took us through the battlefield. We enjoyed climbs over Culp's Hill, Big Round Top, Little Round Top, and Devil's Den. The latter half was spent cruising out in the Adams County countryside.  The scenery was beautiful and we even got to ride through a covered bridge. After dropping Keith off, we chose to head back to Oakside with the wind at our backs. Ellen and Maggie snuck off to Half-Pint Creamery for ice cream when the rest of us weren't looking. It was a nice day, a great WSW ride, and It was my first time leading a ride!

Jim Thomas