Ride Reports

Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Hershey C Ride. 25.5miles @ 13 mph

Albert T Brulo (L), Lori Brulo, Ken Frohnert, Bruce Fields, Mike Sheehan, Ann Mahalik, Cristina Truica, Karen Wagner, Laura Erb, Mike and Cathy Kirkham, Tom Boyle, Todd Schankweiler, Ed Cashin/Hale Baker (S).

Ride Name:          Middletown River

Start Location:      Briarcrest

Climb:                   1,060 ft.

Weather At Start:  82 degrees, sunny, and 4 mph N wind

It was a beautiful evening for a bike ride.  In fact, it was the best evening of the 4-day weekend for those not working on Friday.

Before we started, Monica had a flat which was giving Howard fits because he recently switched his tires from tubeless to tubed on his tubeless rims.  It was impossible to stretch the tire back on over the rim with the typical tire changing tubes.  So, he bagged the ride and drove to the local bike shop.  That had to be tough for him because we all know that “Howard just wants to bike”!

We got off to a great start but things went a bit downhill (pun intended) at mile 3.  We were coming down a good downhill on Church Road and turned left onto McCorkel Road.  Being well trained riders, a biker waited at the turn for the last biker to tell them to turn left.  As it turned out, that biker flew right by the spotter and, with momentum, immediately climbed the significant uphill just after McCorkel.  The spotter was never able to catch that biker since he was starting from a stop.  When we saw that 2 riders were missing at the next turn, Jim (the “bridgeman”) circled back to pickup the spotter and search for the other biker.  But, as luck would have it, we ended up dropping the biker that took off up the hill.

Jim returned with the spotter and we continued with our ride.  However, we ended up cutting the ride back from 29 miles to 25 miles so we wouldn’t run into any daylight issues.

We stopped for our scheduled break along the Susquehanna River.  Luckily, it was too early in the evening for the mayflies that are now bugging everyone at sunset in June.  And, why are they called “may”flies?

The 2nd riddle of the ride…When a ride starts with 15 bikers and you lose one biker, how can you finish with 15 bikers?  Answer:  When Howard fixes his tire, returns to Briarcrest and then bikes the route backwards!  We ran into Howard and his smiling face along the Susquehanna River just after our scheduled break.  He was doing over 15 mph to run into us and still get as many miles in as possible.  We all know that “Howard just wants to bike”!  Not any reflection on Howard because we all like him:  I overheard someone say that it’s a good ride when you start and finish with the same number of bikers and it’s a great ride when it’s the same bikers.  

As a fitting end to our ride, the “dropped” rider returned to the parking lot just before us and was in great spirits.  He regaled us on his great ride on this beautiful evening for a bike ride.  Also, Howard showed us his new tool to stretch those nasty tight tires over the rim.

Thanks to Ed and Hale for doing an outstanding job sharing the sweeping responsibilities.


717-805-1251 (Text or call)

Friday, June 22, 2018 - 6:30 pm
Friday Night Social Ride. 0miles @ 0 mph

Grace House (L), Kelly Dygert, Dave Dygert, Rose Watts, Dennis Watts, Howard Ross, Beverly Ross, Beth Major, Peg Hampton, Sue Casto, Darrell Casto, Barbara Humphries, John Humphries, Dave Young, Lois Young, Dave Powell & Cheryl Capitani, none (S).

It was threatening rain all day, and by 5, there was a drizzle, so the drizzle made the ride fizzle!  And we met at Anile's in Boiling Springs at 6:30 to carry out the most important part - the Social   We had a variety of scrumptious Italian entrees, sandwiches, pizzas and salads at our tables.  There were many lively conversations at the tables too, and we were happy to spend a dreary "outside" evening inside with good friends, food and "spirits".  Kelly is the proud owner of a brand new bike - a Cannondale Synapse, which she just got about a week ago.  She feels a big difference when riding that one - watch for her on a ride soon.  Howard and Beverly used their West Shore Visas to join us - Thanks!

The ride is rescheduled to go on Friday, July 27th, so mark that on your calendars, and enjoy Anile's after a social ride:-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 9:00 am
Silver Spokes Email Ride Ride. 32miles @ 12.6 mph

Marilyn Chastek (L), Dick Norford, Rich Brownewell, Dave Powell, Howard Ross Scott Silverstine, Felix Thau, Steve Sells, Bill & Patty Baughman, Bruce Fields, Susan Laughman, Terry Turney, Garry Brinton, Fred and Tanya Richter, Tom Schwartzer, Tom Pheasant, Phyllis Zitzer, Susan Tussey, Chris Ditlow, Bill and Alice Graham, Joanne Dobrenski, Peg Hampton, Colleen Prensky, Emilie Tierney, Martha Ruff, cindi Greenawalt, Dave Kurth, Cindy Gorski. Lunch only: Joan Short, Terry Drachbar, Pam Spence-Mullen, Karen Nibbelink, Grace House, Bill Pickering/Tim Hoehn (S).

Wow!  34 riders showed up this morning.  I'm so grateful to Cindy Hoehn for leading half the group on a slightly faster, longer ride (35 miles/13.6 mph). We did a fairly easy loop from my house to South Middleton Park and back enjoying the quiet country roads along the way.  Every now and then, the groups would cross paths and then separate again, but we arrived back at my home for the picnic within a few minutes of each other.  Jim and I provided the basic parts of the meal while lots of other people brought delicious desserts, snacks, fruit and more.  Nobody should have gone away hungry!


Please note that the attached route is a bit shorter because if starts at Pleasant View Park instead of my home. 


Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C+ Ride. 37.2miles @ 14.6 mph

David Kurth (L), M. Riordan, J. Landis, R. Bender, M Iucoino, D. Raup, L. Gifford, T. Bender, M.Swartz, J. Schetrompf, T. Sciabica, H. Carey, M. Zain, J. Spangler, Mark Riordan (S).

Our good-sized group enjoyed another good weather evening for the ride.  We made our way over towards Carlisle, and took Wolfs Bridge Rd. out to Rt. 34, Wagner to N. Middleton, Longs Gap, Yorwick to Enola, and followed Enola/944 back thru Carlisle Springs to Sherwood, Foxanna, and Rich Valley.  Several of the faster riders went off the front on Rich Valley and headed back to Friendship Park, and the rest of us worked our way back through Mechanicsburg (avoiding Jubiliee Day).  We got back to Friendship Park right at sunset.  No flats, no mehanicals.

Thanks again, Mark, for an excellent job sweeping.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C+ Ride. 38miles @ 16.2 mph

Mark Riordan (L), Rod Bender Howar Carey Darrell Casto Sue Casto Andrea Dadigan Mark Dolheimer Cindy Hoehn Tim Hoehn Craig Lambeth John Landis Jill Leahy Denny Mahaffey Sean McEachern Kevin Mullen Dave Raup Rod Rogers Justin Schetrompf Tom Sciabica Lorna Shower Jamie Spangler Felix Thau Rose Watts , Felix Thau (S).


Cloudless, low humidity day in mid-June only means one thing with an evening ride.  Perfect night to “push the envelope” for a three hour ride.  Unfortunately 2 flat tires at the far end of the loop created some havoc.




With a promise of just going out the valley and keeping the terrain flat, the opportunity opened for several stronger “C” riders to jump on board to test themselves.  This led to a large C+ group but everyone behaved responsibly and the entire ride went better than expected.




Our large contingent of riders zig-zagged across the valley towards Carlisle before taking over the Pyrek parking lot on Claremont, before heading through Carlisle.  But as we hit DickinsonTwp, on Rockledge Rd, we had our first puncture.  After a 15 minute tire change, we were off again.  But just outside of Mount Holly, a second puncture.




Thanks to Mark Dolheimer, the majority of the group continued back the 17 miles to Friendship Park while several stronger riders assisted with a flat repair.  After the fix, our little group did the final 17 miles in well under an hour, arriving back in rapidly dwindling sunlight.




Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C Ride. 25.4miles @ 13.7 mph

John Gehrlein (L), Andrea Dadigan; Gary Ranck; Bob McKee; Felix Thau; Judy Gehrlein; Lorna Showers; Rose Watts; Marisol Barrios, Dave Young (S).

Good size group for the Thursday night C ride out of Friendship Park. Went to Boiling Springs by a slightly different route. Couple of the riders got a little in front of the group a couple of times and had to come back after we made turns. Maybe I didn't announce the turn until after they passed it. Did I do that on purpose or was I just daydreaming? Hmmm. It was a beautiful night for a ride on the longest day of the year. It was only the 3rd ride of the year for Judy and started to tire toward the end, but she never gives up. Let's hope the weather prognosticators are wrong about this coming weekend and we can get in some more miles. I think the club should start tracking the number of times a rider serves as the sweep and create a jersey for it. Dave Young has swept so many times he should get a broom and a jersey at the next banquet. It really is an important role. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park D Ride. 17miles @ 9 mph

Jeff Goss (L), Mike Stewart

We rode my favorite route with a little bit country, a little bit city and a bike path.  The two of us headed south thru the developments, Stumptown Rd, Stoner, to Eppley.  Then we rode Mechanicsburg city streets to the Bethany bike trail.  Mike’s rear wheel was rubbing so we tightened the wheel skewer and decided to head back.  We stopped again to release the back brake as it was still rubbing.  Halfway down Williams Grove the bike became no longer rideable and Mike walked the bike until I could get the car and pick him up.  It is nice to ride in a group because we can always help each other.

Monday, June 18, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Hershey C Ride. 31miles @ 13 mph

Jim Buckheit (L), Lori Brulo, Tony Hackett, Mike Kirkham, Tom Boyle, Chris Thomas, Matt McFadden, Mike Sheehan, Hale Baker, Chuck Emerick, Laurie Atherholt

A hot, humid evening brought out a hardy group of eleven riders to the Briarcrest Square “C” ride. We started out winding our way east through Hershey and Palmyra, mostly staying on local back streets, before reaching the open fields on Killinger Road west of Annville. We took a brief break at the Annville Rutter’s to refill water before crossing 422 where we rode the along the bucolic Snyer then Valley Glen Roads. We regrouped before heading north onto Gravel Hill Road. Turning onto Pine Road we delighted in seeing both adult Bald Eagles guarding the field (or perhaps looking for dinner?), standing near the top of two trees near their nest. They looked as majestic as could be. We climbed up and then down the hills of Earlys Mill Road, proceeded up Pheasant and Meadow before turning south onto Trail Road, which took us back to Sand Beach, where we were greeted by four large deer in the field near the turn onto East Canal Road. We then took North Hockersville Roads back to Briarcrest Square.  The evening turned out to be a pleasant time with temperature cooling off as the evening and our bikes moved along. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 6:01 pm
East Shore Tuesday Ride. 25.8miles @ 13.2 mph

Chris Wright (L), Howard Ross, Susan Tussey, Hale Baker, Amanda Harrison, Lori Brulo, Mike Kirkham, Cathy Kirkham, Ken Frohnert, Mike Loomis, Caroline Ensor, Joanne Martin, Bruce Fields, Sonja Williams, Sunni Le, Ken Villwock, Al Brulo (S).

The “Sleepy Hollow Badge” ride

On a day that started out with doubtful weather, we had a gorgeous summer evening with 17 riders showing up at Boyd’s Big Tree Preserve ready to ride.  While we were assembling we saw one lone rider making the uphill trek to the parking lot; it was Caroline Ensor who had already put in an impressive 15 miles on the way. 

Due to heavy traffic on 322 we had a late arriving rider but Al, Hale, and Ken graciously offered to delay their departure so they could provide escort until the first break point.  What great teamwork and consideration!

We headed East on Fishing Creek Valley Rd and stopped at the base of Sleepy Hollow Rd to allow the late group to catch up.  We also offered an alternate, flatter route for anyone who did not want to take on the Sleepy Hollow climb.  Despite there being more than half a dozen riders who had never gone up that hill, all volunteered to take on the climb. 

Among the hills we C riders attempt, Sleepy Hollow is fairly challenging.  The first 3/4 of a mile includes a 7% grade.  After a short dip, the rest of the climb is upward without pause for a full mile at a grade that averages 4.5% and tops out at 7% near the top.  It was truly impressive to see that every one of the 17 riders in our group made it to the top in fine style. 

We knew we had a fun downhill ahead of us on Appleby Road so Caroline gave us clear advice: “pixies on the right, chunkies on the left” and off we went.  Mike Kirkham and Caroline were just in front of me, got into their tuck, and I didn’t see them again until the bottom of the hill.  As we wound our way up Ridge Rd Caroline peeled off, having put in more than enough miles for the day.

We stopped at Manada Golf Course for a break and had a fun chat with a group of older gents who had finished their round of golf and were drowning their sorrows in adult beverages.  On the way back we paused at the brown garage at the very top of Fishing Creek Valley Rd, took a good drink, and turned loose those who needed some sprint work.  I heard that some of them finished with average speeds well above 14 mph.  The rest of us enjoyed a smooth ride home while the sun set over the mountain. 

Special tip of the hat to Al Brulo for outstanding sweeping duties.  Being the sweep is not easy on such a large ride, and the big climbs and downhills tend to stretch the group out.  Al did his usual excellent job of making sure all riders were accounted for and well taken care of. 

Total distance 25.8 miles at average speed of 13.2.  Thanks to all for riding safely.