Ride Reports

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 8:30 am
Saturday Morning Social Ride. 29.9miles @ 13 mph

Hale Baker (L), Lori Brulo, Albert Brulo, Howard Ross, Michelle Destefano, Karen Wagner, Ken Fronhert, Cristins Truica, Ann Mahalik, Bill Pickering, Mike Loomis, Mike Sheehan, Jim Kearns, Larry Riley, Todd Schankweiler (S).

It was a beautiful morning in the neighborhood for a bike ride.  After trying to figure out who the stranger was in the blue pick-up truck with two bikes, we welcomed back Larry Riley, our Ride Coordinator, with his new E-bike.  The group headed down Crawford and Crooked Hill road to Sand Beach road which was very busy with traffic for the RV Show in Hershey. We looped around by the State Police Headquarters and went out Hershey Park Drive to 743 North to Brindnagle road, Gravel Hill, and Lindley Murray and Skerks Church to Jonestown Road and Harrison School to Clement.  From there we looped around Indiantown Gap and back Clement/443 to Manada Bottom, and took Cliff and Rabbit back to Manada Gap and the Township Building. For a large group, we stayed together very well.  Many thanks to Todd Schankweiler for a great job Sweeping.

Sunday, September 16, 2018 - 1:30 pm
Mech HS C Ride. 28miles @ 11.7 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Dave Kurth, Mike

It was a beautiful day for a ride and the HBC Three Creek Century was on full swing.  I had other commitments all morning so I signed up to lead the Mech. C ride in the afternoon.   I took my touring bike loaded with weight and headed over to the high school.  On my way I ran into Dave Kurth getting in a few miles before the official ride.  As we headed over to the high school Mike, who was just starting out riding again after two months off due to Lime Disease and a small stroke joined us.  We discussed riding and the benefits of joining HBC with him.  Once we reached the high school Mike broke off to head back home.  Dave and I hung out until 1:30 PM and then headed out again on the official ride.  We headed west meandering around with no destination in mind except to enjoy the dry roads and the pleasant day.  Once back near the high school Dave broke off to head home and I did the same.  It was nice to get a ride in before the forecasted rain coming in the next two  days.


Friday, July 20, 2018 - 6:15 pm
Friday Night Social Ride. 15miles @ 12.5 mph

Doug Silvis (L), Jane S, Yvonne K, Barb D, Rick B, Alice G, Bill G, Rose W, Denny W, Dave G, Howard R, Susan T, Cindy H, Tim H(S), Kelly D, Dave D, Penny W, Ken W, Tom D., Tim H (S).

Had a great ride on the small rollers of Cumberland County. After the ride we enjoyed great food and conversation at TJ Rockwells.

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 8:30 am
Saturday Morning D+ Ride. 20miles @ 11.3 mph

Richard Radwanski (L), Mary Beth Yandrasitz, Jeff Via, Dan Wiest, Dick Norford (co-sweep), Dave Serff (co-sweep) (S).

Six D Plus riders met at the Lower Road Lot at Memorial Lake State Park. Temps were in the  60's at start time, with heavy cloud cover blocking any promised sunshine from getting through. We were glad to have Dick and Mary Beth out with us, both of whom we haven't seen in a while.

Our ride itself was rather uneventful. Our route took us east through Fort Indiantown Gap, onto the rural roads in the Bordnersville area, and to Swatara State Park. After a brief break at the park, we returned west through the gap and circled Memorial Lake. At the parking area above the dam breast, we had the opportunity to speak with a gentleman who was expertly cruising the area on a compact Segway. He provided us with a quick how-to on the Segway operation. (Refer to the below photo, courtesy of Dick Norford)

We arrived back at the Lower Road Lot just in time  to have the sun break out. Good company and a good ride!

Refer to the below ride link for route details. 


Friday, September 14, 2018 - 6:15 pm
Friday Night Social Ride. 10.3miles @ 11.4 mph

Marilyn Chastek (L), Rick Begley, Mike Prestosh, Emilie Tierney, Mary Beth Yandrasitz, Doug & Jean Silvis,Tom Dixon, Kelly & Dave Dygert, Dave Powell, Yasmin Brown, Chantel Savage, Gail Varney Dinner only: Dave Young and Cheryl Capitani , Glenn Wareham (S).

At 6:15 p.m it looked like the sun had already set since it was so dark and gloomy.  But rain was not predicted and we didn't get any, so we did a short ride up to see the Hempt horses. After the ride, 18 of us met at the York Street Grill for a nice dinner and good conversation.  It was a good way to end the Friday Night Social Season.

Hope to see many of you at the Three Creek Century on Sunday!

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 8:00 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 80miles @ 13.4 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Dave Kurth, Mike Loe, Howard Davison, Tom Pheasant, Jeff Imbrognio, Chris Ditlow, Keith Douglas, Michel Lefevre

Three of us met at Joe Carr with peaks of sunshine smiling through the clouds, yes, I said sunshine - Oh the joys of dry roads!  We headed out toward the Latimore Valley area and picked up five more riders at Latimore Township Park.  The day was ours and it was nice to get out of Cumberland Valley and do something different.  We stopped in East Berlin at Rutter’s for a break and then continued on along corn lined peaceful back roads with good scenery.  Everything was very green and day felt like fall was here, now nice.  We made our way to Hunterstown where we stopped at the Gettysburg Travel Plaza for our second break.  The place was booming!  I had no idea it was so popular.  During the ride back the sun came out full force occasionally to remind us summer was not over yet.  Good thing the clouds were still rolling by because that sun sure kicked up the heat and humidity!  Back at Latimore Township Park we dropped off the five second start riders and took off again.  The bridge was closed on Milford Green Rd. but we were able to cross over it.  Due to the lack of cars on this road the grasshoppers were having a party!  They were everywhere and jumping all around and on us.  As we climbed Ridge Rd., I think Dave, Howard and I were starting to get a bit tired.  The gradual climb seemed much longer than on past rides so the descent on Poplar Rd. was much welcomed.  We stopped one last time at the Dillsburg Rutter’s and then dropped Dave off along Williams Grove Rd. as we turned to head toward Park Pl.  Mike turned right on Rt. 174 as Howard and I turned left to finish up.  The day was pleasant and the company was good which made the WSW ride great!


Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Upper Allen Friendship Park C+ Ride. 22.5miles @ 14.7 mph

David Raup (L), Charles Capuano, Ryan Steele, Chris Hawk, Marie Helweg-Larsen, Lorna Showers, Jamie Spangler, Justin Schetrompf, Chris Hawk, Don McCene- newcomer from Philiadelphia (visiting on business),


We welcomed a brand new rider, Don McCene from Philadelphia, visiting on business for The Commonwealth.  I presented him with a new rider group riding safety card obtained from the Ride Leader training.  Nine riders set out exactly on time on a pleasant, late-season evening. 


We took Fisher-Eppley-Sinclair, crossed Trindle, and rode out Mulberry past Pleasant View Park.  I was eager to try Mulberry on an outbound route, partly due to the bicycle lanes along there.  We crossed Trindle Spring Run in three different places, all on Mulberry. 

The bike lanes there have some very good qualities; however, they’re something of a mixed bag….  The lane goes along quite well for a while, and then disappears and reappears here and there.  I rode in the lane whenever there was one that was clear.  Not everybody did.  This road wasn’t very busy anyway, and, nobody complained about that outbound route, so I expect to repeat it some time.




With an eye towards arriving at the easternmost end of Texaco Road, we wound around quite a bit in a circuitous route.  We took Woods Drive to Hamlet Circle, meandering through the development and came out to Hogestown Road.  To minimize our traveling distance on Hogestown, where it intersected with Holly Lane we took a Left and quick right onto Locust Circle.  We worked our way though that neighborhood in an overall northwesterly direction until we emerged back onto Hogestown very close to the light at Texaco Road.


Texaco-Locust Point-Kost, crossed overtop of the Turnpike on Biddle, Ridge Drive.  Left onto Hickorytown Road and went past The Pheasant Field.  Crossed Trindle.  Hollenbaugh.


At Lisburn, Lorna suggested a short water break, which seemed a good idea.  Though at the intersection of Lisburn and Hollenbaugh, we stopped and sipped and due to the late announced and seemingly spontaneous water stop, our group was sort of overcrowding the road.  This wasn’t the best or safest form – fortunately no cars – and pretty promptly our group moved into a driveway of a seemingly vacant house across the way.  A much safer drinking posture….


With the sun setting, we headed eastward on Lisburn Road.  This was by far the fastest portion of the ride.  Lisburn can be busy.   Though I strongly prefer coming BACK on Lisburn to going westward on Lisburn, due to the fact that it’s later coming back and after “rush hour.”  But even then, Lisburn is often busy and I wanted to get off of there as quickly as feasible for both safety considerations and simply seeking more relaxed roads to ride.  We crossed Route 174, Boiling Springs Road.  As soon as we cut left off Lisburn to climb Brindle up to Eppley, I dialed it back a couple notches to an easier pace.  Though in retrospect, it may’ve pushed it too hard going eastward on Lisburn, because one rider fell far enough back that he missed the left turn onto Brindle and came back on Williams Grove Road, arrived at Friendship a few minutes after the bulk of the group.  If we could rewind and do a do-over on this ride, I’d like to change it so that this would’ve been prevented – ideally by both slowing the Lisburn pace a bit AND better application of the watch-for-the-rider-behind you  principle.


In the end we had about 22 miles at an average pace of 14.7 mph, according to my meter.


The Harrisburg Century is this Sunday.  Volunteers are still needed.  Consider helping if you can.

Sunday, July 29, 2018 - 1:30 pm
Mech HS C Ride. 27miles @ 12.5 mph

Doug Silvis (L), Gary R, Chandra B, Carl J, Keith B

Hot ride down around Old Stonehouse and the beautiful back roads of Cumberland County.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 8:30 am
Silver Spokes Email Ride Ride. 38.1miles @ 13.2 mph

Howard Davison (L), Howard Davison (lead), Peter Vitins (sweep), Ethel Nelson, Jeff Imbrognio, Bob Gilliland, Dave Powell, Bill Baughman, Patty Baughman, Cindy Gorski, Tom Pheasant, Garry Brinton, Mike Loomis, Ray Stone, Chris Ditlow, Marilyn Chastek, Bonnie Iorfido, Peter Vitins (S).


If you don’t like the weather forecast, find another one. The third forecast looked good, so we went riding. Fifteen of us left TJ Rockwell’s in cloudy, but dry weather and headed west through Boiling Springs and out to Alexander Spring Rd and back, stopping at Rockledge Drive Fields and at the Kmart on Walnut Bottom outside Carlisle on the way.  We picked up Bonnie in Boiling Springs and then she and Cindy dropped off at Kmart (pressing appointment). The weather was great for the first half of the ride, and there were only a few minor drizzles on the second half. We arrived at TJ’s in good spirits and only slightly damp. However, we all ordered warm soup!