2015 Kings Gap Time Trial

September 12, 2015


The 5th annual Kings Gap TT began with cloudy skies, temperatures in the low 60s and a very large band of green looming on the weather radar coming in from the west. We didn’t escape the rain completely but just got a little bit of drizzle towards the end. It could have been much worse for the riders! Despite the forecast, we had 37 of 48 registered riders show up and challenge the climb. 

The fastest time for men was broken again this year, and on the female side it was not only broken but crushed! This year Jerod Stoner came out on top for the guys with a winning time of 10:41 which was five seconds faster than John Salus’ winning time last year. In 2014, Jerod came in second to Salus and made it his mission this year to get that top time. Mission accomplished Jerod! BTW…Jerod is from Lewisberry, a small town which seems to be on a hot roll for winning as it is home of the Little League US Champions!

Another new rider to the TT for the ladies ran away with the best time! Aimee Taylor from Glenville PA flew across the line in a time of 12:18 which beat the best time from last year set by Laura Cathers by 1:43!! Her 12:18 time was better than ALL but the top three men. 

This year was our first time offering a tandem category and it brought out two tandem teams. The winning tandem team was Edmund and Amy Lewis who climbed the mountain in 14:36. Prior to the start of the race the other tandem team, Andrew and Grace Brown had a serious mechanical (broken derailleur) that was not repairable and they could not ride. But kudos to the Lewis’ for offering their tandem bike to them to ride. How awesome was that?!

After the last rider came across the line, with the rain drizzling down, we moved onto our raffle drawing which gave away hundreds of dollars in gift certificates that were generously donated by local bike shops. 

Many thanks to all our volunteers and also to all the riders again, who come out each year to support the Friends of Kings Gap!

Top 3 Males

Jerod Stoner- 10:41

Fredric Yutzy- 11:35

Jere Ballard- 11:38

Top 3 Females

Aimee Taylor- 12:18

Marielle Ritchie- 13:04

Cat Ryan- 14:03

Top Tandem Team

Edmund and Amy Lewis- 14:36


Age Category Results

Males  15-18

Billy Fish- 13:19

Bernie Cornali- 15:39


Males 19-35

Jerod Stoner- 10:41

Fredric Yutzy- 11:35

William Weismantel- 13:39

Nick Carroll- 13:44

Andrew Clouser- 14:19

Jonathan Curtis- 14:52

Charlie Bailey- 15:44

Gregory Pisch- 16:17

Matt Hazzard- 18:27

Preston Shenk- DNS


Males 36-45

Adam Switzer- 12:25

Tim Weary 13:03

David Melder- 14:18

Dennis Hardy- 14:43

John Kasarda- 15:33

Jeff Horan- 16:04

Reed Anderson- DNS

Andrew Roher- DNS


Males 46-55

Bruce Mort- 13:17

Andrew Miltner- 13:33

Bernie Cornali- 14:20

Chris Shelly- 15:18

Ben Cohen- 16:37

John Salus- DNS

Anthony Zullo- DNS

Michael Spellacy- DNS


Males 56-65

Jere Ballard- 11:38

Timothy Rohrbaugh- 12:30

Jim Hartnett- 13:35

Rich Hirsch- 14:12

Robert McMillan- 14:13

Kent Gubler- 15:03

Michael Forster- 18:24

Geoffrey Kramer- 23:51

Bob Thompson- DNS

Gary Grimes-DNS

Alan Adelman- DNS

Gregory Rupert- DNS


Tandem Teams

Edmund and Amy Lewis- 14:36

Andrew and Grace Brown- 17:33


Females 19-35

Cat Ryan- 14:03

Lauren Yutzy- DNS


Females 36-45

Aimee Taylor- 12:18

Marielle Ritchie- 13:04


Females 56-65

Denise Vaughn- 15:01

Maggie Emery- 15:08