Fall Tour Participants (and curiosity seekers—those who wish they were going on the Fall Tour but just couldn’t pull it off this year. 

Click HERE to open the 2016 Cape May Beacon.  It is the definitive statement of all the things you need to know to prepare for and participate in the Fall Tour.  Print a copy and bring it with you to Cape May.  In the meantime, follow the advice in the Beacon to prepare for the Tour.


See you on the road!!!


Announcing!!  The Fall Tour Registration is now available right here at the HBC Website


Click the link below to download it now!


2016 Fall Tour Registration Form


The Fall Tour Committee has developed a new registration form that makes registering for the tour easy.   Just open the .pdf file and print it out.  You will have two sheets, a page of instructions and the registration form itself.   Read the instructions carefully, look over all your options, and choose the one that suites your needs.


Are you still thinking about the tour for yourself or wondering what goes on during the weekend in Cape May?  Wondering if you could interest a friend/guest/family-member in doing the weekend in Cape May?  Just open the file: Weekend in Cape May and see what’s going on for the weekend’s activities.


If you think about it, this is a tremendous value.  For example, this is a weekend for two in Cape May at a beachfront resort, with a dinner, two happy hours, and a continental breakfast for less than $500.  And that doesn’t even consider the camaraderie, the socializing with friends—new and old, the bike rides, the beach time, the sightseeing, etc., etc., etc.


Have more specific questions?  Take a look at the HBC website to see if you questions are already answered on the Fall Tour page under FAQ-1 and FAQ-2.  Don’t see your answers there give Bill Pickering a call at 717-514-4634. He’s volunteered to give guidance especially to new riders or those just considering the tour. Bill enjoys talking to people but if you’d rather, you can just email Bill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


See you on the Tour!




“Fall Tour FAQ's

Fall Tour FAQ's Part 2