Service before Self Award

Presented to Sharon Brumbaugh

HBC Annual Banquet


The Service before Self Award was established in 2000 to recognize individuals who distinguish themselves by dedicating significant time and effort to the success of the Harrisburg Bicycle Club. The award can only be won by an individual one time and current 2018 elected officers are not eligible. HBC membership is required for all nominees.


This year we received 6 nominations for this prestigious award. Every nominee was a highly recognized name that has made a difference in Harrisburg Bicycle Club over the years and has dedicated time and effort to benefit this club in remarkable ways.


After reviewing all nominees, the Ops Committee voted to present this year’s award to a Sharon Brumbaugh who has been a member of the club since 2001.

Sharon started riding a mountain bike with Owen Moore on the Sunday morning socials and to Fort Hunter after breakfast. She would also do some rail trail rides with the club. She eventually bought a new road bike and became a good rider on weekends and weekday rides in Hershey. 

She was leading "C" pace rides in Hershey and some weekend rides for the club. She became well known for her enthusiasm for the club and spent the next few years volunteering significant time and effort into the club.

Sharon soon became involved in the Ops Committee and held the following positions:

2004 – VP3

2005 – VP3

2006 – President 

2007 - Personnel and Nominating Committee

2008 - Personnel and Nominating Committee


Sharon was responsible for getting approval to place a porta-john at the Conewago Trailhead which remained there for several years.

She was the “Rest Stop Coordinator” for the HBC century and she served in other positions to support the HBC Three Creek Century. Sharon also served as Chair of the Fall Tour Committee for at least 2 years.

We are honored to present Sharon Brumbaugh with the 2018 Service before Self Award. Thank you for your time, service and commitment to HBC.




Sharon Brumbaugh


Sharon doing her thing !