A survey was conducted of Century participants after the event, and I thought some of the results were interesting enough to share with you. 171 people responded which is about a 28% response rate, a very high percentage for surveys of this sort.  Responses were overwhelmingly positive concerning the food, sags, cue sheets, parking, repair stations, registration and rest stops. There were also many comments complimenting the friendly and helpful volunteers. Below you’ll find some statistics that might surprise you.  

·     59% of riders who responded to the survey were first time riders.

·     39% of all respondents drove over 75 miles one way to participate. –

·     28% of riders came from 26-50 miles away. 

·     98% found the routes to be safe and enjoyable to ride.


The top 3 ways that people learned about the Century were:   

1.    Through the other Central PA Trifecta events

2.    From the HBC website and the Spokesman

3.    From family and friends


Marilyn Chastek, 2018 Century Chair