Harrisburg Bicycle Club is currently experiencing a lack of Volunteers 


Harrisburg Bicycle Club offers numerous advantages to its members and we are in need of positions to be filled for the upcoming year 2019. 


Open Volunteer Positions for our Operations Committee - meetings are the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church, 300 East Simpson Street, Mechanicsburg, PA.


  • 2019 OPEN POSITION - Vice President 1
  • 2019 OPEN POSITION - Vice President 2
  • 2019 Vice president 3 – 2020 President Elect 


The responsibilities of the Vice President are:


           1)  Each one oversees a cluster of committees, helping them to organize and function effectively.


           2)  Vice-Presidents may also chair a committee.  When appropriate, they attend meetings of their respective committees and make every effort to see that the committee chairpersons (and Vice-Chairperson, where advisable) are current in their duties and report the current state and progress of their committee to the Operations Committee.


           3)  Vice-Presidents assist the President in overseeing the operation of the club.


           4)  The Vice-Presidents are responsible for planning and presiding over the General Membership meetings.


           5)  One of the Vice-Presidents will preside at the Operations Committee meeting(s) in the absence of the President.


           6)  One of the Vice-Presidents will be advanced to the role of the presidency, if the office is vacated before the expiration of the term. 


Open Position – Recording Secretary


             1)  Attends all sessions of the Operations Committee and keeps minutes of the highlights and policy decisions of these sessions.  Sends copies to members of the Operations Committee at least one (1) week prior to the next scheduled meeting.


           2)  The Recording Secretary maintains drafts of instructions, plans, procedures, etc. that were successful as received from the committee chairpersons 


It takes a little bit of time monthly to make a difference in how our club operates.  


Many hands help to lighten the load!  Please consider volunteering for one of our open positions. 


Please contact Glenn Wareham, 2019 HBC President Elect at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 717-979-3019 to discuss a one year volunteering commitment to assist the Harrisburg Bicycle Club to deliver the events, rides and discounts that you enjoy! 


We need you! Thanks in advance for your support of HBC! 


For Glenn Wareham / 2019 – President Elect