The morning did not start out well, with forecasts of rain and thunderstorms in the area.  However, we did not let this “dampen” our spirits, and all rides went off as scheduled, albeit with fewer riders than usual.  Some hit rain; some didn’t. The B group had to spend an hour at Funck’s restaurant waiting for a storm to pass, but the other groups mostly had to deal with a few sprinkles or light showers.  Thanks to Mark Riordan, Michael Floyd, Susan Tussey, John Humphries and Marilyn Chastek for leading.  Special note on the C ride:  Howard Ross was the originally scheduled leader but he was unable to attend due to a death in the family.  Dick Norford stepped up and volunteered to fill in, but Dick had a heart attack while leading a ride on Saturday morning. He’s doing well and we wish him a speedy recovery.  Susan Tussey not only is credited with saving Dick’s life by calling 911, but she led the C ride for the picnic. She gets the HBC hero award! Way to go, Susan!

The weather dried up by picnic time and we had about 60 people turn out to enjoy the afternoon at Fort Hunter. Thanks to Dave Young, the chef of the day, his assistant Dave Moyer, and all the people who brought such wonderful appetizers, side dishes and desserts to share. We really had a great assortment of delicious foods and enjoyed some spirited conversations with friends.

Submitted by: Marilyn Chastek