We’ve all heard it – Share the Road.  This statement seems to be directed at the motorist more so than the cyclist.  We cyclists get upset when motor vehicles whiz by us without giving us the 4-foot comfort zone and we fear for our safety.  But as a cyclist have you given any thought about the safety of the pedestrian, especially those walking a dog?  Here in central Pennsylvania sidewalks are rarities and people use the roadways alongside us to exercise, walk their dogs and just get from place to place.  What happens when a cyclist comes up from behind them and whizzes by them?  Sometimes they get startled but when they are walking a dog problems arise and we are the cause.  When a cyclist passes someone walking a dog without announcing they are approaching, the owner is not prepared to take a stronger hold on the leash.  This causes the dog to possibly get away from its owner and come after the cyclist Another problem is when the owner suddenly realizes what is happening and tries to hang onto the leash, the jolt cause a shoulder or elbow injury.   So yes, let’s please Share the Road but let’s have consideration for the pedestrians also by announcing we are approaching and allowing time for a dog walker to prepare their animal for us to pass. 


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Cynthia Gorski