This is what we hear from seniors living in communities like Bethany Village. Many residents no longer have the physical ability to bike around town, but they still miss that freeing feeling. That is the mission behind Cycling Without Age:  We want to give seniors the opportunity to feel the wind rush through their hair.  

All Bethany Village employees, residents, family members, and community members are invited to join us as volunteer pilots! All volunteer pilots must undergo a safety training and prove their competence on the rickshaw. This training will take approximately 1 hour. Contact Erin Emenheiser, rickshaw coordinator, to schedule a training time.  

In the meantime, check out Cycling Without Age’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see heartwarming stories of seniors reconnecting with the world around them. Spread the joy!


Erin Emenheiser


Recreation Coordinator


MapleWood Assisted Living:  Golden Maple


Bethany Village Retirement Center


5225 Wilson Lane


Mechanicsburg, PA 17011